Thursday, July 18, 2013

MTC Life

Hello all!

 So I made it through my first week. I hate that my P-day is Thursday because you guys didn't get to hear from me until today. Oh well. First, my package never came, which is super annoying. And second, I found out on my second day here that I will be in a biking mission.... ( in the words of Joanna" I'm not happy!!!")   So mom and dad be prepared to lose money for a bike! Oh well I guess I will be blessed, at least I really hope so...

So the first day was insane! but in a good way. I had no time to think about anything but what I was doing. I saw Tess and still see her all the time. We are on the same floor in our housing like literally two doors down. Its great. I love seeing her. I have also seen a lot of people I know from BYU-I. My friend Jackson Hern was my zone leader, so I saw him a lot! And then there have just been other friends I made out at school. I saw Tyler Molinaro yesterday at dinner and he is in Tess's zone. I see Tyler Christensen pretty often. It is so weird not being able to hug them or call them by name.

I love my district!!! we get along so well and talk about everything. My companion and all the other sisters in my district are going to Scottsdale, and the elders are going to Irvine, California. My companion is really sweet and I love her but she can get on my nerves!! I am learning patience. Most of the sisters  are having medical issues. Sister E. is most likely  going home for an intestinal surgery, Sister J. has migraines  Sister C. has a respiratory infection, and my ovaries have been freaking out, I am guessing because of being on anti-biotics twice in a short time. So we have issues, but we all help each other.

Oh, so I leave the MTC the 22nd and will call mom and dad around 7 ish my time. I really don't know what time but just have your cell phones on you!!!!! If you don't we won't talk.

I love getting the dearelder letters from everyone! I got one that I don't know who sent it, but some family member... I am so happy Everett made it home safely!!! I shouted for joy when I read that!!! Joanna, I know you and your kids are loving that! I love hearing about Riley, its the best! I do want to hear more about everyone else as well as my little buddy. please encourage everyone to use dearelder! Hand written is fine but I get dearelder the same day... at least for now. I loved the package from Claire! So thank her! and I will let you know as soon as I get the package from dad... I really want it soon! 

I love the MTC. The people are great the teachers and great the spirit is amazing! And the food is really good! But it make me and all my roommates super gassy!!! (*this next part was left in per Sis.Y's insistence) We get to our room at night and just let it all out. Its kinda gross but we cant help it! The food is to good to not eat. Surprisingly I haven't gained any weight! I have been working out a lot more than, usual so I can relate to those of you who have been going to the gym. I am proud of all of you! Don't you feel awesome after a good work out!

So I don't miss home. I mean i do but this is where I need to and am suppose to be! I am learning so much about myself and about my testimony! I almost don't want to leave, but I am excited to get to Scottsdale!

I don't know what else you all want me to talk about,  I guess I'll just apologize for the jumpiness of this email, only having an hour to do everything is hard. I guess I'm doing good though, minus the ovary issues. I really have been learning a lot about the gospel and how to teach and so many things. I think I might consider Nursing again but that was just a totally random thought I just had. My teachers are bro Godfrey and Sis De Arton (we call her sister de). They are amazing teachers! and everything they say is so helpful! We have the best time in our classes even though is is 6 hours of class!

My Branch President and his counselors are so great! They give the best advice and really care about us. Even though they don't know us. Everything here is so great and fun. I have learned more about the gospel in one week than I did in all four years of seminary. Nothing against seminary, this is just more meaningful and exciting! Being here makes me so grateful that I was put in Young Women's before heading out! I know how I can teach the sisters I work with and I have a stronger love for them. I miss the temple. The Provo temple is closed so I won't get to go again until I get to AZ. Apparently there is a temple in my mission, who knew. I feel like I will do OK with teaching people really because of all the teaching practice I have been getting. 

So to all my younger cousins and friends who are of ages where a mission are in the future, here is some advise! JUST COME OUT! You wont regret it. It is an amazing experience! It is really hard. I won't lie. But it has been the best week of my life!  Yeah, there have been hard times, but there are so many people here who really love and care for you. And the elders are super willing to give priesthood blessings! They are the best! I know that being on a mission will be hard and that you will be giving up other opportunities  but it is so worth it. I love when I can sit in a lesson with our fake investigator and the spirit takes charge. It is amazing feeling and letting the spirit flow through me and let Him do all the talking. Then seeing the light in the investigators eyes as you know they feel what you are saying and seeing how the spirit of God is flowing through them... it is am indescribable feeling. Pray to know what you need to do and Heavenly Father will let you know! I know that is absolute truth! 

Well I only have a few more minutes left, mom have fun editing this! I guess I will end with some shout outs.

Mom- I love you so much! Stay strong and write me more! I love hearing from you.
Dad- If there was a contest of who writes me the most you would win. So thank you. I love getting the letters. I love you!
Brooke and Cody- Your letter made me laugh! You and Cody are too goofy. Remember that I love both of you! and thank Cody for the mini Preach My Gospel, I use it all the time!!!
Brad and Sarah- I am glad you two had fun with Riley, and that you are doing well!  I love you two.
Britta and Roo Roo- I miss you two, I hope all is well and I love you!
Cousins!- Have a great time at the beach! I love you all!
Aunts and Uncles- Thank you all so much for everything! I have the best family! I love you!
Grandma and Poppy- You are the coolest, most thoughtful people and I love you so much! 

Stay strong write me when you want. Remember that I love you, but even more importantly Heavenly Father knows and loves you.

My P-day should be Monday from now on but I'll let you know later for sure.

Don't forget mom and dad keep your phones on you!!! All day MONDAY!

I love you all,
Sister Bresia Alysse Yates

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