Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Sisters!

Sister Baham is back for a few weeks. That is exciting!!!
I gave a talk in church on Sunday and sang with the youth.
I love Sister Alexander. She is from all over, but most recently Virginia. She is an army brat. She has been out 6 weeks longer than I have. She also sings some, so the three of us will sing all the time!!!!! Yay!!!
I cant believe June is over!!! It flew by!
We saw a bug that was a big as my hand. It was gross!!! And scary!!!
We are seeing miracles all the time. We met this guy who has been less active for years, and we talked to him about his concerns. We will hopefully begin working with him.
We were trying to contact potential investigators and tried this door. The first time it wasn't a good time. The second time no one was home. The third time the lady that lives there told us to come in the apartment. She told us that she had a religion, but that she loved what we did and she could tell that we had good spirits! She said she could see the light of CHRIST in us! It was so cool. She was the sweetest lady and said we could come back!!!
Then there is this other guy who we offered to help. He rejected the help but said that he wanted to know more about what we do as missionaries. He is also a film producer! So that was pretty cool!!!
There are great things happening here. No we aren't actively teaching but we are trying!!! Maybe soon!!!!
What is the fourth of July plan? Send me pictures and tell me stories about your fun!!!! I always loved the fourth! It will be very different as a missionary, but still so fun!!! I am excited!!!
I hope you all have great weeks!!! I love you all so much! Be safe and keep us in your prayers!!!
Read the Ensign talk in the June issue titled "That we may rejoice together". Missionaries need you to do the finding. Its your job, not ours. So do it!
Read your scriptures and pray often! Go to the temple too!!!! It is the best place you can be!
 I love you all,
Sister Yates!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I didn't move!

I am still in the same place. Sister Baham was transferred to mesa on a bike :( We did not see that one coming!!! I am no longer a Sister Training Leader. President Sweeney wants me and my new companion, Sister Alexander, to focus on this ward. Wish us luck! But yeah, not training and not a Sister Training Leader. I'm gonna miss being an sister training leader It was so fun!!! Maybe in a few transfers though.
I have been in this ward for my 6 month mark my 9 month mark and will hit my year here. That is a long time! I love it here!!! The members are so nice!

We saw a javalina the other day!!! They are gross and mean!!! Thankfully we were in our car. They are kind of like wild boar. They smell so bad, and are SO UGLY!!!
Everyone! Get The Power of Everyday Missionaries and read it! I am almost done reading it and it is so good! Guess what! As members of the church it is your job to find people for the missionaries to teach and the missionaries job to teach!!! Don't make the missionaries in your area do all the work!!! You all know people who are not members of the church!! If they don't live near you send a referral! Just do something! The work isn't going to really start hastening until the members and missionaries are really working together. The sooner the work moves the sooner the Lord comes. Do as the Apostles have asked and invite a nonmember quarterly!!! We have a statistic here that we are sharing with members, 1 of 10 investigators that missionaries find will be baptized.  If the member does the finding than that changes to 4 of 10. With that in mind, if you ask 4 people a year to learn more (as asked by our leaders) 1 will say yes. okay so there are 15 million members. From the statistic we have we learn that if even just some of the members would do this we could have 1 million new members next year. DO YOUR PART!!!!
Things are going well here. It is so hot! I sweat so much! It is so gross!!! I am a little bit more tan, but noting too crazy! I haven't been burned because I use spf 100. Best stuff ever!
The water is still gross, but as my dear friend in thailand pointed out to me I really shouldn't complain! At least in most places here we can drink the water!!!  
I better get running!!! I love you all so much! The Church is still true! If everything else in the world falls apart, at least we are blessed to know the true gospel of Jesus Christ!!!
Love ya!
sister Yates

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Fathers day to all you fathers!
Things are going well out here. I got a little dehydrated the other day. That was no fun!!! It is really hard to drink a lot of water when Arizona water taste so bad, and I just really don't like water anyway. The Mio water flavor things aren't cheap. First world problems I tell you...
Transfers are next week so no email until Wednesday. I dont think I'll be moving, Sis B and I think we will stay together :) We hope stay together! But just in case send anything to the mission office, not that I get much anymore! I guess that is what happens when you have been gone a year, people forget you! I'm totally just kidding!!! You all have lives, you don't live for letters. I know that I am so bad at writing people who have served because I would get caught up in my own life. So don't worry I know you still love me!
Dad- I got your package! Thank you! Mom thank you so much for the card!
Random but today is my half birthday. I'm old. Its weird. Honestly, I always thought I'd be married before 21. Now I'm thinking I'll be 23. Weird... that is old. Not really, but it is. Oh well, that is life.
I think I will work at Disney when I get home. Maybe on a Disney cruise. I don't really know, but school just seems depressing, and Disney is happiness. I'll just go to Disney university and be a princess forever. Real life seems miserable...
People keep giving us updates on the happenings of the world, and oh my goodness, the world is messed up!!! It is actually nice not hearing all the scary stuff that is happening. The mission bubble is kind of nice. Its less scary to go around not knowing about the way the world is going. I guess we all just need to hold to the fact that this is all foretold and part of the plan. Its still scary though!!!
What happy news is there? Fun stories? 
Drink lots of water. Eat healthy whole foods. Read the Book of Mormon and pray daily!!! Go to the temple to do work for the dead, or just to walk around the grounds. Have family home evening. Be happy:)
I love you all!
Sister Yates 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello familia!
What is Joanna's new address? I was going to write Mia but I don't have her address.
How is everyone! I am almost at my year!! Austin is almost a missionary!!! Time is flying!!!
Our next transfers are on the 24th of June. Be prepared!!!
The heat is ok until it gets to about 103-105 degrees then I die!!! July and August are going to stink!!
This week we have zone conference (which I am singing at) and then we get to go to the temple!!! I am so excited!!! I love the temple!
I really don't have much to say. Our investigators are slow to progress, I hope some of them will commit to a date soon, but they are in and out of town a lot!!!
These two pictures tell some of the fun Sis B and I are having!!!!
We were helping a family move and the boys had these awesome helmets. I'm the transformer and Sis B is the storm trooper. So cool!!!!
There is this really, really good pizza place here. It's an Arizona thing its called Barros!!! It is so good!!! We love it and eat  it often!!! Literally the best delivery pizza ever!!!
The members here are great! And they love Sis B and I! They take really good care of us! I love them. The plus of serving a state side mission (well one of the many) is I can stay in touch with them so easily!!! 
I really don't have much else to say. I love you all! Have fun and be safe! I don't remember where it is but somewhere in a recent Ensign there is an article about members working with the missionaries to do the work. In it, it says that the members are the sowers and the missionaries are the reapers!!! You go find them and the missionaries will reap with you! WE CANNOT DO THIS WORK WITHOUT YOU!!!!  Just remember that... we need members to help!!
Have a great week!!! Read and pray! Go to the temple and work on family history!!!!
Sister Yates!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Wow may fly by!!!! I can't believe that in like 5 weeks I'll hit my year!!!!! Not okay!!!! My mission is going too fast!
You might be asking how the work goes when it is so hot out. Well, the answer is it really really really slows down. Everyone is out of town or in the pool. We do get to totally rearrange our schedule though. It's weird. Also the sun is scary here!!! The sun is honestly hotter here. It hurts me. I am so thankful for sunscreen. I think it is working though, because I am still pretty white. I think the weirdest thing is it is hot all day and night. Like at night it only gets to the 80's. it is so weird!!! Thank you Georgia for having good weather! It is also weird that it hasn't rained for several months. My skin is holding up okay, but its still dry! Maybe I'll be tan when I get home though!
Sister Training Leader life is fun. My companion hates them. She hates when I leave and she has to stay with another sister. Its hard on her because we are doing at least two a week. I don't like that, but that is how the other Sister Training Leader wants to do it.  I might have to put my foot down though. Our area needs us. My companion needs me!!! Its fun though I like getting to help the other sisters! They are great! Many of them will be life long friends!!!!
I really like being a missionary. Yes it is hard work, but it is worth it.
Sister B and I are singing "The Olive Tree" at zone conference next week and then maybe in sacrament meeting and at transfer meeting. I will try to record it, but no promises! I'm excited though! We sound pretty good together!!! Really I just love being with Sis. B. She is a lot like me! We think a lot a like which is so so fun! We laugh a lot and just make the most of our time!
We get to go to the Mesa temple on the 12th!!! I cant wait! I love going to the temple! One of the good things about home is I'll be able to go whenever I want!!!
I should be going. I have a package I'll be sending home soon. I don't think it is really anything too exciting, but you can just open it and put it in my room or wherever the rest of my stuff I've sent home is. There is a lot I will just go through when I get home!!! So don't toss stuff.
I love you all so much! Be safe and have a great week! Go to the temple and read your scriptures!!!! Those things help!


Sister Bresia (not tan yet) Yates!