Monday, June 2, 2014

Wow may fly by!!!! I can't believe that in like 5 weeks I'll hit my year!!!!! Not okay!!!! My mission is going too fast!
You might be asking how the work goes when it is so hot out. Well, the answer is it really really really slows down. Everyone is out of town or in the pool. We do get to totally rearrange our schedule though. It's weird. Also the sun is scary here!!! The sun is honestly hotter here. It hurts me. I am so thankful for sunscreen. I think it is working though, because I am still pretty white. I think the weirdest thing is it is hot all day and night. Like at night it only gets to the 80's. it is so weird!!! Thank you Georgia for having good weather! It is also weird that it hasn't rained for several months. My skin is holding up okay, but its still dry! Maybe I'll be tan when I get home though!
Sister Training Leader life is fun. My companion hates them. She hates when I leave and she has to stay with another sister. Its hard on her because we are doing at least two a week. I don't like that, but that is how the other Sister Training Leader wants to do it.  I might have to put my foot down though. Our area needs us. My companion needs me!!! Its fun though I like getting to help the other sisters! They are great! Many of them will be life long friends!!!!
I really like being a missionary. Yes it is hard work, but it is worth it.
Sister B and I are singing "The Olive Tree" at zone conference next week and then maybe in sacrament meeting and at transfer meeting. I will try to record it, but no promises! I'm excited though! We sound pretty good together!!! Really I just love being with Sis. B. She is a lot like me! We think a lot a like which is so so fun! We laugh a lot and just make the most of our time!
We get to go to the Mesa temple on the 12th!!! I cant wait! I love going to the temple! One of the good things about home is I'll be able to go whenever I want!!!
I should be going. I have a package I'll be sending home soon. I don't think it is really anything too exciting, but you can just open it and put it in my room or wherever the rest of my stuff I've sent home is. There is a lot I will just go through when I get home!!! So don't toss stuff.
I love you all so much! Be safe and have a great week! Go to the temple and read your scriptures!!!! Those things help!


Sister Bresia (not tan yet) Yates!

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