Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Fathers day to all you fathers!
Things are going well out here. I got a little dehydrated the other day. That was no fun!!! It is really hard to drink a lot of water when Arizona water taste so bad, and I just really don't like water anyway. The Mio water flavor things aren't cheap. First world problems I tell you...
Transfers are next week so no email until Wednesday. I dont think I'll be moving, Sis B and I think we will stay together :) We hope stay together! But just in case send anything to the mission office, not that I get much anymore! I guess that is what happens when you have been gone a year, people forget you! I'm totally just kidding!!! You all have lives, you don't live for letters. I know that I am so bad at writing people who have served because I would get caught up in my own life. So don't worry I know you still love me!
Dad- I got your package! Thank you! Mom thank you so much for the card!
Random but today is my half birthday. I'm old. Its weird. Honestly, I always thought I'd be married before 21. Now I'm thinking I'll be 23. Weird... that is old. Not really, but it is. Oh well, that is life.
I think I will work at Disney when I get home. Maybe on a Disney cruise. I don't really know, but school just seems depressing, and Disney is happiness. I'll just go to Disney university and be a princess forever. Real life seems miserable...
People keep giving us updates on the happenings of the world, and oh my goodness, the world is messed up!!! It is actually nice not hearing all the scary stuff that is happening. The mission bubble is kind of nice. Its less scary to go around not knowing about the way the world is going. I guess we all just need to hold to the fact that this is all foretold and part of the plan. Its still scary though!!!
What happy news is there? Fun stories? 
Drink lots of water. Eat healthy whole foods. Read the Book of Mormon and pray daily!!! Go to the temple to do work for the dead, or just to walk around the grounds. Have family home evening. Be happy:)
I love you all!
Sister Yates 

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