Monday, November 24, 2014

okay so i dont have much time... 

the only thing i have to say is im moving!!!! tomorrow. send everything to the mission office... i will be going back to my last zone.. covering two wards... im really not excited... but at least it wont be as cold!!!

All is well!!! I love you all!!!

Happy thanksgiving!!!!! dont eat too much!! 

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!!

Sister Yates 

Monday, November 17, 2014

so my stress levels are down!!! so thats good! all is well! life is good! Its  super cold though! like the high yesterday was only 46... not cool!!! Oh well im glad i have tights, boots, and sweaters! I am doing okay! 

So not too much has happened since wednesday!!! but the Phoenix temple was dedicated yesterday! so that was cool! my second dedication this year!! It is a pretty temple!

so the big conflict of the week is my snow suit. i want it soooo bad!!!! but i might be transferred(most-likely to the valley) and i dont have room for it. i want, but i dont want to deal with it!!!!

so I still love Payson! I am sad that i might be moved, but  its okay, nothing is set yet! i will let you know when i know. the next transfer is on the 9th of dec

I love you all and hope you are all doing well. be safe and warm! 

I have officially begun working on family history. right now i am just proving the links of out families! its so fun! make sure you are getting all the work done! there is work to be done on both sides of my family! so we all have work to do!!! we need to get it done! It really is fun!

hope you know that is am doing well! I love you!!!

Sister Yates

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

so sorry i didnt write monday!!! we were in the valley at a mission leadership meeting with elder Lawrence of the seventy. it was really a stressful meeting!!! but oh well we lived.

all is well in Payson! just cold. i really dont like the winter... well the cold. its just dumb.

so we had some music changes made... only mormon tabernacle choir hymns... the reason is we are trying to be more exactly obedient... i like the rule and think it will help.. but it makes me a little excited to be home. i am excited for the change though! it will bring blessings. 

so i really dont know what to do with my life after my mission and my head hurts to much to think about any of it. so im sorry i have ne answers on what i will do when i get home. i wish Heavenly father would just tell me whre to go to school,what to major in, and who to marry... because i really dont like that i have to figure that out... maybe ill do none and become a crazy dog lady... yep lets go with that!!!  again i dont know what i will do for school. thinking about it stresses me out way to much. the thought of going back to school is frustrating and the thought of dating and getting married is just really stupid and frustrating so im just going to stay out here on a mission forever so i dont have to do either... that is my plan!!!

Life is stressful. but its fun. i like payson a lot and i really love my companion! 

President and Sister Sweeney are my favorite people!!!! well kind of!1! they are my favorite mission people! they are such a blessing in my life! they really try to help in anyway they can and i love them!!!! 

really not much has happened since last week, just lots of meetings. our eternigators are not really progressing. but we have some less active members who are so thats good!!!

well i love you all so much! i hope your week is great! be safe and have fun! enjoy church and life!!! i love you!

Sister yates

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello family!

So i the blood work was normal. But i have migraines... so that sucks... so i am getting a prescription for imitrex... it should help clear it up... but that is the latest... 

Also it is getting very cold... so warm stuff would be nice! not too much but warm stuff... 

Also on halloween we got to go to the temple!!! it was so cool!!!! I got to do a session and initiatory.. it was so cool!!!! we got to the temple at 3 and left at almost 9!!! it was amazing!!! 

so the work is moving on. we have been meeting so many people!!! it the best! I love my companion a lot! we are the same person. only she is tall and has very curly hair. i love her though!!!

I really dont have much to say! I have had a headache for three weeks and it is messing with my mind!!! Its no fun! but we are working on it! i wish i could say more, but my darn head hurts!!!

I love you all though! and hope you are all working toward the temple!!!!

Have a great week! be safe! 

Sister Yates