Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello family!

So i the blood work was normal. But i have migraines... so that sucks... so i am getting a prescription for imitrex... it should help clear it up... but that is the latest... 

Also it is getting very cold... so warm stuff would be nice! not too much but warm stuff... 

Also on halloween we got to go to the temple!!! it was so cool!!!! I got to do a session and initiatory.. it was so cool!!!! we got to the temple at 3 and left at almost 9!!! it was amazing!!! 

so the work is moving on. we have been meeting so many people!!! it the best! I love my companion a lot! we are the same person. only she is tall and has very curly hair. i love her though!!!

I really dont have much to say! I have had a headache for three weeks and it is messing with my mind!!! Its no fun! but we are working on it! i wish i could say more, but my darn head hurts!!!

I love you all though! and hope you are all working toward the temple!!!!

Have a great week! be safe! 

Sister Yates  

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