Monday, November 17, 2014

so my stress levels are down!!! so thats good! all is well! life is good! Its  super cold though! like the high yesterday was only 46... not cool!!! Oh well im glad i have tights, boots, and sweaters! I am doing okay! 

So not too much has happened since wednesday!!! but the Phoenix temple was dedicated yesterday! so that was cool! my second dedication this year!! It is a pretty temple!

so the big conflict of the week is my snow suit. i want it soooo bad!!!! but i might be transferred(most-likely to the valley) and i dont have room for it. i want, but i dont want to deal with it!!!!

so I still love Payson! I am sad that i might be moved, but  its okay, nothing is set yet! i will let you know when i know. the next transfer is on the 9th of dec

I love you all and hope you are all doing well. be safe and warm! 

I have officially begun working on family history. right now i am just proving the links of out families! its so fun! make sure you are getting all the work done! there is work to be done on both sides of my family! so we all have work to do!!! we need to get it done! It really is fun!

hope you know that is am doing well! I love you!!!

Sister Yates

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