Monday, April 28, 2014

Time is a weird thing...

Man, oh man, I love it here.

Interviews with President Sweeney went really well. He is the best!

Keep in mind that transfers are coming up. On the 13th of May. So be prepared. I really don't know what to expect from the transfer. We will find out in a few weeks though!

I'm pretty excited to see all you people at Mothers Day! It seems like it has been forever since Christmas, but then again it seems like I just left home... Time is a weird thing!!! 

How is everyone doing? I bet all the kiddos are excited to be done with school for a while! What are the fun summer plans? 

It is getting hot here. Its so nice! It is such a different spring than I am use to. Its still pretty though. 

We heard a rattle snake the other day! Didn't see it but heard it and ran!!! 

Did you get my package I sent home a few weeks ago. It had meds and skirts in it? I don't remember if you said you got it. 

Also I didn't write any letters last week because I am lame. I will write some today though!!!

Life is great. Don't forget that. Stop getting caught up in the little dumb things of life and just live. Enjoy the world we have been given. Enjoy the blessings you have and share them with everyone! Share the gospel with everyone and I promise your life will be blessed!!! Just have fun! Be yourself! 

I love you all! 
 Sister Bresia Yates

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zoo, Singing, and Meetings with President Sweeney!

This morning we went to the Phoenix Zoo. It was so hot!!! But it was really fun! The zoo is not the best I've seen, but it was fun to do something different! I got to feed stingrays :)

Mom and dad, I got the packages from you! Dad, thank you for the music!!! Mom, thank you for the skirts!!! I really love the orange one!!! 

I am working on getting in better shape. We have a sister in our ward who is a personal trainer and she is going to help me get my butt and legs looking great!!! 

Life is good! 

I am so happy that Elder Molinaro got his visa! Only, it is going to make transfer meetings a little less exciting! Qh well, I know he is so excited! 

The mission is great! We had 3 investigators at church Sunday! It was great, and Sister Baham and I sang in the ward choir! I love singing, I really do! I wish life was a musical and we all just broke out in song randomly!!! 

Easter was great! Only one dinner, which was so nice! It was really fun, but totally didn't feel like Easter, which is actually kind of sad considering it is one of the most important holidays. 

We have interviews and inspections this week. We get to meet with President Sweeney, and our car guy will come look at our cars. I love this day! I am so excited to see President again! He is so great! He is a Poppy type of person! Just so kind and loving. 

I love pineapple. I use to hate it, but now I love it! The only bad thing is I eat it until my mouth is raw. That is not so fun, but I can't get enough of it! I also think that I have a gluten intolerance anytime I eat wheat I feel SO sick! SO I am trying to cut back on my gluten intake, but that is hard to do when members feed you! All the pasta is gonna kill me! Oh well, at least we don't have to feed ourselves!

The weather is nice, just hot :) I am so thankful for sunblock! The sun really does just beat here!!! 

Missionary work is going to get weird here soon! No one is outside during the day! If we were in a foreign mission we would maybe get siestas but not here... its still fun though!! 

Question for Stewart: Where did you find the song you had me sing in gospel doctrine before I left? I want it and I have some friends that want it. 

I love you all :) I miss you and hope you are all doing well!!! 

Be safe and smart! 

Go to church and love the gospel!!!! 

Sister Yates

PS!!! I also got to help at the Easter Pageant! I saw people I knew from my last area and so many missionaries I knew. I also got to see it once! I was so happy to see it! It was so great!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Excitement!

This one will be short because I took to long responding to other messages!!!

I am doing very well!!! 

Happy Birthday Jenny and Joanna!!! I hope you have a great birthdays later this week!!!

There was a case of measles in our ward. A family went out of the country and one of them came back with measles. I guess thats what you get when you don't get your kids vaccinated!!!! But of course that isn't helpful to the missionary work!!! Oh well, what can you do!!! 

Work is picking up here. I can see the prayers working! It is amazing to see!!! We are actually teaching people and people are interested!!! The ward is helping too, so work will be getting better and better! so excited! 

I am also excited for Easter! This week we get to go help with the Easter Pageant!!!! I am so excited! 

People have asked how I spent my 9 month mark. Well, we worked out, studied, ate lunch, went to work, and that was our day! Nothing too exciting, but it was a great day! Super hot and sunny, but fun!!!! 

Our time has come to an end! Happy Easter!!! I love you all!!!! 


Sister Yates

Monday, April 7, 2014

Things learned and NEED to learn

Sunrise over Phoenix

Hello family and friends!

Congratulations Austin! (Her cousin who was called to serve a mission in Mexico) Go through the temple ASAP!!! And go as often as you can!!!

I have a package in the mail, it should be there by Thursday. Nothing too exciting in it.

Training is going well. My comp is awesome!!! She is 19 and so fun! She loves working hard, which is awesome! We have seen so many miracles.

Funny story. We were street contacting and we went up to this lady who was getting out of her car. We do the typical, "hi were the missionaries..." thing and she starts saying "No,no NO!!" and backing up... She then exclaimed that she was greek orthodox and wouldn't change for anyone! Honestly you would have thought we were trying to hurt her!!!

The next house we went to the lady opened the door saw our name tags, said "NO",  and slammed the door. Seriously people, we are just trying to help you. Oh well, that is missionary work. This is why members are the best!

We really are finding success!!! Things are picking up and really moving forward!!! I am really excited to see what happens next!!

How was conference for you? Its actually kind of weird watching conference with people who aren't my family. They have some weird traditions. Some of them I might try when I'm a mom, but others are just weird!!! Also, strangely enough, conference time is a big home-sick time for missionaries, at least the ones I've met. I'm okay. I got a little homesick Saturday, but not bad.

I'm getting tan!!! Its weird! My arms and face are dark. My legs aren't though. I have actually been using a spray tan. I know pathetic, but my legs are SO scary white. The spray actually looks pretty good!

I have a question for all of my family members!!! WHY DID YOU LET ME COME ON A MISSION NOT KNOWING HOW TO CHECK TIRE PRESSURE?!?!?!?  I had to have some random guy help me do it today!!! I know how to now, but really when I get home you are teaching me how to do all this car stuff. At least I know how to change a tire, just in case anything happens (other than the first time I had to change a tire here.)

I am doing great. I'm loving Arizona and the people I am serving. I am learning a lot about myself and the gospel. For example the atonement is truly infinite and I am slightly OCD. I have also learned that I do want 5 kids (mostly boys, maybe 2 girls) but either way I think I'll be fine. I just want kids eventually. I will always be a temple recommend holder. I would die if I had to live gluten free (those of you who do it are amazing). I just learn lots of random but awesome things.

This week I reach my 9 month mark. Half way. Talk about bitter sweet. I think I might extend though. Of course I don't know yet. It isnt really 100% my choice, but in 9 months we will see.

I hope you are all doing well. Look for the miracles in your life!

Ask yourselves these questions:
  • Who do I know that is not a member of the church? 
  • What have you done to help them learn more? 
  • What is your next step to help them learn more? 
  • Are you doing it? 

Be good member missionaries!!! Sharing the gospel is as easy as just telling people you went to church sunday, or that you are excited to go to the temple. Anyone can do it!!! Get going!  With the increase of missionaries you would think that the work is exploding and that more convert baptisms are happening, but this past year they went way down!!! There is a BIG problem with that!!! Are you doing your part to help??? Food for thought!

I love you all!!  I hope you don't think I'm chastising you. I just want you to know how important you are!

Have a wonderful week! write me! be safe!

Sister Bresia Yates

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Same Area!!! New GREEN Companion!!!

I am still at the same address!!! I have a brand new greenie companion!!! Sister B! She is from Utah. She is awesome! Also, they redrew the ward boundaries so we are the only sisters in the ward, and we cover the other sisters area! We are like half white washing, kinda...  I'm excited though!

I was invited to go to a special Mission Leadership Counsel the other day. Some of the people in the mission department were here and did special trainings on mission stuff. In the meeting we learned that we won't have iPads until the Brethren review reports from the 30 trial run missions. Pray they get those soon! I really think missionary work will explode when that takes off. Mostly because of Facebook! We also are tracting again. Not full on door to door, but if we have dead time or if something falls  through we can knock on some doors! That makes me SO excited! It isn't the most effective way to do it, but until the members step up and give names for more people, we have to do something. Also kind of along with that we have to find people on our own...

FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!  GIVE THE MISSIONARIES REFERRALS!!! We need your help. You all know nonmembers who would benefit from the gospel!!! Just give there name(s) to the missionaries!!!

Really, I have just been learning a lot this week! Its been great!

What's new at home? Any fun stories!?!

It has actually been really cold here the past few hours! Before that it was really hot though... I used a lot my spf 100 awesome sunscreen, so I will need to buy more today! That stuff works and its the sheer kind so I'm not a greasy mess. Its pretty great! The sun is scary here though! You can feel yourself being cooked out here, but I love it! It is a great place!

With the ward boundary change, we got new investigators and less active members to work with. One of our investigators flashed us. It was weird. (No  my new comp wasn't there). She has a gross rash, that she thinks is from diabetes, on her stomach and she showed us. Lets just say Grandma Judy would NOT  be impressed with what she wasn't wearing! It was scary! She is an interesting lady!!!

Soon I will be a pepper spray carrier! I'm excited. It is mostly for dogs, but I'm excited to have some form of defense.

Things are going very well here. Its warm and sunny most of the time. I love my new companion! The other sisters moved out as well so its just her and me in the apartment, which I love. Living with other sisters is fun, but as some of you know I really don't like being around girls a lot! I am actually glad they are gone! I love them, but four sister missionaries in one apartment is rough!!! I really hope I have a lot of boys when I have kids... Girls are scary!

I love all of you! Study Preach My Gospel as much as you can. Its not just for missionaries! 

Have an awesome week!!! Tell me where Austin is going as soon as you find out!!!! I am so excited!!! GO AUSTIN! Tell me about other cool family moments!!!

Sister Bresia Yates

PS- We got to hike Camelback Mountain!  (and there is one of us just goofing around)