Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Excitement!

This one will be short because I took to long responding to other messages!!!

I am doing very well!!! 

Happy Birthday Jenny and Joanna!!! I hope you have a great birthdays later this week!!!

There was a case of measles in our ward. A family went out of the country and one of them came back with measles. I guess thats what you get when you don't get your kids vaccinated!!!! But of course that isn't helpful to the missionary work!!! Oh well, what can you do!!! 

Work is picking up here. I can see the prayers working! It is amazing to see!!! We are actually teaching people and people are interested!!! The ward is helping too, so work will be getting better and better! so excited! 

I am also excited for Easter! This week we get to go help with the Easter Pageant!!!! I am so excited! 

People have asked how I spent my 9 month mark. Well, we worked out, studied, ate lunch, went to work, and that was our day! Nothing too exciting, but it was a great day! Super hot and sunny, but fun!!!! 

Our time has come to an end! Happy Easter!!! I love you all!!!! 


Sister Yates

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