Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Same Area!!! New GREEN Companion!!!

I am still at the same address!!! I have a brand new greenie companion!!! Sister B! She is from Utah. She is awesome! Also, they redrew the ward boundaries so we are the only sisters in the ward, and we cover the other sisters area! We are like half white washing, kinda...  I'm excited though!

I was invited to go to a special Mission Leadership Counsel the other day. Some of the people in the mission department were here and did special trainings on mission stuff. In the meeting we learned that we won't have iPads until the Brethren review reports from the 30 trial run missions. Pray they get those soon! I really think missionary work will explode when that takes off. Mostly because of Facebook! We also are tracting again. Not full on door to door, but if we have dead time or if something falls  through we can knock on some doors! That makes me SO excited! It isn't the most effective way to do it, but until the members step up and give names for more people, we have to do something. Also kind of along with that we have to find people on our own...

FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!  GIVE THE MISSIONARIES REFERRALS!!! We need your help. You all know nonmembers who would benefit from the gospel!!! Just give there name(s) to the missionaries!!!

Really, I have just been learning a lot this week! Its been great!

What's new at home? Any fun stories!?!

It has actually been really cold here the past few hours! Before that it was really hot though... I used a lot my spf 100 awesome sunscreen, so I will need to buy more today! That stuff works and its the sheer kind so I'm not a greasy mess. Its pretty great! The sun is scary here though! You can feel yourself being cooked out here, but I love it! It is a great place!

With the ward boundary change, we got new investigators and less active members to work with. One of our investigators flashed us. It was weird. (No  my new comp wasn't there). She has a gross rash, that she thinks is from diabetes, on her stomach and she showed us. Lets just say Grandma Judy would NOT  be impressed with what she wasn't wearing! It was scary! She is an interesting lady!!!

Soon I will be a pepper spray carrier! I'm excited. It is mostly for dogs, but I'm excited to have some form of defense.

Things are going very well here. Its warm and sunny most of the time. I love my new companion! The other sisters moved out as well so its just her and me in the apartment, which I love. Living with other sisters is fun, but as some of you know I really don't like being around girls a lot! I am actually glad they are gone! I love them, but four sister missionaries in one apartment is rough!!! I really hope I have a lot of boys when I have kids... Girls are scary!

I love all of you! Study Preach My Gospel as much as you can. Its not just for missionaries! 

Have an awesome week!!! Tell me where Austin is going as soon as you find out!!!! I am so excited!!! GO AUSTIN! Tell me about other cool family moments!!!

Sister Bresia Yates

PS- We got to hike Camelback Mountain!  (and there is one of us just goofing around)

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