Monday, April 28, 2014

Time is a weird thing...

Man, oh man, I love it here.

Interviews with President Sweeney went really well. He is the best!

Keep in mind that transfers are coming up. On the 13th of May. So be prepared. I really don't know what to expect from the transfer. We will find out in a few weeks though!

I'm pretty excited to see all you people at Mothers Day! It seems like it has been forever since Christmas, but then again it seems like I just left home... Time is a weird thing!!! 

How is everyone doing? I bet all the kiddos are excited to be done with school for a while! What are the fun summer plans? 

It is getting hot here. Its so nice! It is such a different spring than I am use to. Its still pretty though. 

We heard a rattle snake the other day! Didn't see it but heard it and ran!!! 

Did you get my package I sent home a few weeks ago. It had meds and skirts in it? I don't remember if you said you got it. 

Also I didn't write any letters last week because I am lame. I will write some today though!!!

Life is great. Don't forget that. Stop getting caught up in the little dumb things of life and just live. Enjoy the world we have been given. Enjoy the blessings you have and share them with everyone! Share the gospel with everyone and I promise your life will be blessed!!! Just have fun! Be yourself! 

I love you all! 
 Sister Bresia Yates

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