Monday, May 5, 2014

Zoo Picture and Memorize the Articles of Faith!

What a week! I will be calling home next Sunday! I am so excited!!! It seems like it has been so long since I have seen you all!!! And its weird that the next call after is just a few weeks before I get home! Weird. Time flies!!! 

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMIER AND SHANE!!!!! I hope you both have great birthdays!!! 

Man, oh man, it is crazy out here. It is already so hot. And its only gonna get hotter... Oh well, thats life. 

I don't have any crazy stories for you all this week. I'm sorry about that... I also have to admit that is didn't write any letters last week either... I know I'm lame. This week I will and I have already written some so be prepared if you have written me lately! 

Did you all see the zoo picture of me and my zone? 

:) its cute! 

Yesterday was a good fast Sunday. I really enjoy going to church. Its great to hear from others. It was kind of funny in gospel essentials, the class for investigators and recent converts, we needed to read some of the Articles of Faith for the lesson. Well who needs to read them when you have them memorized. They were blown away that someone actually knew all of them. I thought that was something most people could do. I was wrong. Now I will be teaching several of the primary kids and their parents the Articles of Faith. Thank you Brother Guerra for encouraging us to learn them and Mom for teaching me the songs that made it possible!!! To all you future missionaries, learn them now! They will help you! Also learn the scripture mastery verses. I wish I knew those more. Again the songs helped, but I didn't take advantage of those.

Well what is new with you? Any fun stories? Any pictures? 

 I love you all! Have a great week! Remember that transfers are next week so no email Monday, but I will see some of you on sunday, so can't complain!! 

 Be strong, smart, and safe! 
 Love Sister Yates

PS- I heard there was maybe some bad weather the past few days, like tornados. I'm assuming everyone is safe, lets keep it that way!!!!

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