Monday, July 28, 2014

I will be getting transferred so don't send anything to me unless you send it to the mission office. I don't know where I'm going I just know I'm leaving.
Do I need special stamps to send to Austin? If so can you send me some. Normal stamps would be great too!!!
Mom and dad, I have had to pay a few medical bills, so can you look on my card and figure that out. I know I paid $10 one time in cash but like 30 another time on my card. Medical stuff is easier when you two handle it!!!!
Dad, can you send me another memory card so i have 3.
Happy birthday Tyler Moss and Mia!!!!! I love you two and hope you have amazing birthdays!!!!
I'll let you all know where I am transferred to next Wednesday because that is next week's p-day. That should be fun! President said probably somewhere in Scottsdale, but we will see. It shouldn't be a biking area, but if it is I will just borrow a bike I am NOT buying a bike!!! Not with 6 months left!!! but I will let you know what is going on!
I hope you are doing well!! I love you all so much! Keep looking for missionary moments! Have a great week:)
Sorry this was so short! Time flies!!! Especially on p-day!!
Love you all!!!!
Sister Yates

okay so we got extra time, because we didn't get our whole hour and a half.

Crazy story of the week:
We were driving around a neighborhood looking for a member's house and we see this guy sitting in a parked truck. We usually don't talk to people in cars because they are usually leaving, but we all felt that we needed to stop and talk to this guy. I felt like we shouldn't turn around, but that we should just park around the corner and walk back to him. So we did. As we got closer, we realized that something was not right! The guy looked like he was dead!!! He was very skinny, and not moving at all! His eyes were totally glazed over and he was very pale! I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD!!! We got up to the car and found out that he was not dead, but he wasn't far from it! We started talking to him because we wanted to make sure he stayed with us!! Next thing you know his girlfriend is out with us telling us that he just got out of the hospital after overdosing on heroin!!!! She asked if we could walk him away from her house so her parents didn't see him. We walked him to our car around the corner and sat with him. She had to get her kid in bed so two hours later she came back and took him, but while we were just sitting there with him we were able to talk to him. People are nuts when they are on drugs!!! This guy was almost 6 feet tall and probably weighed 100 pounds. He looked like a holocaust survivor. We talked about the gospel. He was receptive, but most high people we run into are. The best part was him rapping. At one point he got up and just started doing the craziest rap I've ever heard!!! And he danced!!! It was so funny!!!! Don't do drugs people!!! Honestly it was scary! We had no idea who he was, Sister b knows about heroin because she knows an addict, but all I really know is it is one the worst you can be addicted to!!! I was so worried that he would pass out or just die right there!!! I was just really glad we didn't have to call 911 or do mouth to mouth or anything!! I'm also glad he didn't puke in the car!!! That would have been bad!!! But that situation reminded me why I would love to be a nurse. No, I have no idea if I will but I would enjoy it!!! Helping people is my favorite! We are hoping he is okay and that he gets cleaned up!
That was the big story of the week!!! I'm excited for this transfer. I'm a little sad because I've been here over 7 months, but I like change!!! Its exciting!!! I'll miss the people here and my companions and this zone, but that's okay!! This is actually a big change for the whole mission!! Like everyone is moving! There are a lot of missionaries going home this transfer, next transfer, and then again in December between this transfer and next transfer we lose 20-30 missionaries!!!!!
I am considering extending. It isn't totally my choice, but we will see. Nothing set yet and I haven't talked to President Sweeney about it but I will!! President Sweeney is fine if Billy took a video of my statement for the dumb wreck stuff. So just keep me posted!
Did I mention that I'll probably be sending a box home soon? Nothing too exciting, but just stuff I don't need! Just stick it with the rest of my stuff at moms house! I'll go through it after. I will have a lot to go through when I get home but I can tell you all stories about the stuff I've collected!!! I've got some cool stuff :) well now I am really done!!
I love you all so much! Go to the temple often! Read and pray! Talk to people about the gospel, it doesn't have to be an awkward thing!!! Make it normal!!!
I love you!!!
ps: I'm thinking about getting a hair cut! Just a trim, but when I get home I think I might change it up!!! My hair is super long!!!! Mermaid hair all the way!!! Only problem is my hair has thinned out a lot in the valley! Maybe something about the heat!!! My skin is finally clearing up!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

the time we ALMOST got in an accident...

... obviously we didn't die or even get hurt, but it was close... Now that you have had a heart attack here is the story... 

We were on our way home one night and had to stop at a red light. Pretty normal thing. Our light turns green and I look both ways to make sure no dingbats are going to run their red light. Everyone is nice and stopped so I start to go through the intersection. The road a head of me merges into a two lane road pretty fast and I see that a car is coming up behind me so I don't accelerate very fast so this other car can get in front of me. Really as it turns out the other car turned right and wasn't going to be needing to get in front of me. I start going faster and all of the sudden there is a car in front of our car!!! Some dumb butt ran through the red light and we almost hit him!!! Not only did he run the red but he was flying!!! And he went into the right turn lane to get through!!!! Thankfully, I wasn't going any faster and was paying attention!!! It was SO SCARY!!!!!! If we had gone any faster we would have hit, if he was going any slower we would have hit. So scary!!! Thankfully nothing happened!!!
We actually found out the next day that 4 sisters were in a terrible accident the same day. They are all okay, but still its scary stuff...
I bought a Walkman so I could listen to my CDs while I am in the apartment but the one I bought is junk and doesn't work at all!!! So dumb. I'm returning it today, but wont have a Walkman to listen from. First world problems!!! If you wanted to send mine from home out you could, if not its okay.
I'm trying to think of other cool things that have been happening. We have been meeting so many very prepared people lately, but none of them are actually in our area. Oh well, we are happy to send in referrals! Hopefully we will get some referrals soon!!!
Transfers are on the 5th of August. So keep that in mind. I actually think I might move! I'm fine if I stay here for the rest of my mission, but I think I'll move!! I'm really fine with anything! I just don't want a bike!!!
My health has been okay the past few days.With the weather change my arthritis is acting up, but like I told President Sweeney this past week in interviews, pain is pain.
I will need an orthodontist appointment shortly after getting home and a chiropractor appt!!! Really, I just need to go to all of my doctors right when I get home!!! So mom or dad if you want to get those figured out that would be great! I am totally fine if it is the day after I get home if that is doable!! I guess first we need to make sure my release date is the 19th. I have also been thinking about extending, but I haven't thought too much about it. I still have 6 months before we really need to worry about any of this, but be prepared for lots of doctor appointments!!!! oh and hair appointment will be needed too!!!
Funny story: We go to get our  car washed at the same place every Monday and we decided we needed to invite the car wash guys to learn more. We didn't really have time to talk so we just gave them our card with our number on it. So like 30 seconds after giving it to them we get a call and they say, "hey you told us to call you" and then they hung up. We were still at the car wash and the guys started acting really weird. They started texting us and eventually the guy asked if we gave him our number because he wanted to take us on a date!!! We were dying!!! We tried to explain that we didn't want a date we wanted to talk about God!!! He didn't get it!!! He was such a creeper!!! We just hope it isn't too weird when we go to get our car washed!!! We shall see!!!
We were out street contacting and walked by these two punk looking guys who were out smoking. We said hi but we all just thought that they would not be interested and just give us a hard time. We just kept going. We all felt bad so went back to talk. One of the guys was so interested!!! The other knew several members and wasn't interested, but was still very nice! The interested guy doesn't live in our area, but is dating a member so can learn more very easily!!! It was so cool and just goes to show that we really don't know who is prepared!!! we need to invite EVERYONE!!!!
Well i hope you have a great week!!! I love you all so much!! Be safe and pray for miracles!!!
Sister Yates

Monday, July 14, 2014

Another week has come and gone. Time is going too fast! I love it out here!!! Yes every plant, animal, and weather pattern wants to kill me, but it is beautiful! Most of the people are so  great! At least all the members of the church are great!! Some of the non-members I think might want to hurt missionaries, but that is life.
So many crazy stories to tell after the mission, don't worry I am safe and healthy. Nothing bad has happened, there are just to many stories to share and so little time to do it..
The world is so wicked!!! I didn't realize how bad it was until I got out here and started meeting people who aren't Mormon. The world is falling apart!! The only comforting thing is knowing that is all part of the plan!! We hear a lot of very sad stories and hear of so much wickedness.. I'm just thankful that I know how I can find true happiness and peace! So many people are lost, but I don't feel lost!
I've been thinking a lot about the Lutzenkerkins this week and how they don't know that they can be sealed together forever. How sad they must be thinking that they will never see Phillip again, and then how blessed I feel that I know that I can be with my family forever!!! I want everyone to know that. I wish more people would just give the church a chance! It only brings happiness!!! Why don't people get that!
We have been hearing a lot about the Ordain the Women lady and Roy Jeffs. So many people think that the whole excommunication of her is just so terrible of the church and that our leaders are heartless. They think that the flds (or rlds, I don't know the difference) stuff with the girls who were abused were in connection with our church! It is a little frustrating to deal with, because so many people don't understand but we just keep trying to help! People are difficult. What can you do but try!
We sang at church on Sunday! All three of us sing so we sang "Because I Have Been Given Much". It sounded pretty good!
I got your package mom and dad. I sent one to mom's house. Brad be on the look out! There is a birthday card for Sarah, and a memory card. Its mostly just clothes that don't fit (they are mostly all too big) and other random things!
As for the iPads, we don't know when we will get them, hopefully soon, but we have no clue!
Monsoos season is fun, minus the high temp and humidity. We don't get much rain in the area I'm in, but we see lightning!! We also see haboobs!!!! those are the big dust storms. they don't happen in my area much, but we sometimes see the big black dust wall!!! they are cool!
Are you helping the missionaries? Are you going to the temple? Are you going to church? Are you being the best  you can be? If not than change that!!! Do the things you are suppose to do!! That is the only way you will have true happiness!!!!!
That is all I have to say! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!  
Sister Bresia Yates
ps- When do all the kiddos go back to school? How has everyone's summer been? When does Greg get home?

Monday, July 7, 2014

One YEAR!!!

As of yesterday July 6th I have been away from home for a year!!! On the 10th I hit my year mark and on the 19th I hit my 6 months left... I'm not ready to come home!!! 6 months is so soon!! Yet I am so thankful I have 6 months to be out here!!! This is the best!!!
We are getting into monsoon season which means lots of rain and humidity. I love humidity but not when it is over 100 degrees outside. 105 dry is fine, 105 humid... please shoot me!!! It was weird, dad said you had been in the 60s and my first thought was "wow that is chilly"... there is so much wrong with that!!! I love it out here! I'm getting a nice farmers tan really the heat isn't too bad unless it is humid and over 95 or dry over 105. Its weird how your body gets use to things!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! I hope you have a great birthday!
Austin! Good luck on your mission! I don't know all of your plans for travel so you might not get to see this, but H love you! have a great two years and I will email you often! I need your mtc address!!! I'm proud of you!
Fourth of July was great! Yet weird, every holiday as a missionary is weird!! I did see fireworks though and the finale was one of the best I have ever seen!!! That is saying something!!! We went to a park and we handed out these cards that we made! We gave  out like over 400! It was cool!!!
What am I learning? I am learning to expect miracles! If you are doing what Heavenly Father has asked you will be pleased!!!! Miracles are real! There are big and small miracles that happen everyday! It is fun to notice! Missionary work isn't hard. We just over think it. Really all you have to do is invite, not hard. Just do it! Do family history work! It is so cool to hear stories about family! I have always loved talking to older people because their stories are just the best! We talked to an older black man yesterday, he told us how he had to go to different schools and sit in the back of the bus. I have only ever talked to white people about that, and I really haven't even done much of that. I also talked to a 95 year old. He told me about his life and what it was like living through WWII. I love war stories and stories from the past. That is why I always loved going and seeing Granddaddy Gainer. Now when I get home I want to talk to Grandma and Poppy so I can hear in their own words what they did for fun and how they lived! We need to know about the past so we can learn from it and really come to know our families!!!! TALK TO YOUR OLDER RELATIVES!!! Old people are the best! (No, Grandma and Poppy aren't old, but they know a lot!!!)
Sorry this is short! I had a lot of emails to read!!! But I love you all so much! Have great weeks and good luck with everything you do!!!!
Sister "1yearold" Yates