Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 5 From AZ

My package came! Thank you! Being warm is the best, and seeing my snow suit was amazing!!!! Of  course I sleep in it every night and Sister Jones laughs every night!!

Friday we had zone conference where we found out we will be getting iPads by February and Facebook in like November. I think with the Facebook thing I will have to kill my real Facebook, so mom, or whoever is working with that, be prepared for me to kill it. I am super excited. The iPad will replace the area book and will be super awesome!! I know that isn't much info, but we don't know much yet.

The rash on my face went away!!!! And I'm still not sleeping well. but part of that is because I have been having weird dreams. For example, last night I had a dream that Sister Jones and I were driving and hit an elk (which could really happen in these parts). I hope that isn't anything like how I had a dream about the wreck Britta and I had. That would be bad! I also had a dream about aliens... anyone who has watched signs or any alien movie with me knows that they scare me!!!! I did not sleep well last night, but oh well that's life!

I have been the worst missionary ever!!! I have been giving you all things to do to help you and I have not followed up once!!!!! So tell me how are all of you doing with family history, and reading the Book of Mormon and praying. and Family Home Evening? I really hope you are actually doing these things!!!

There is a chance of snow here. It freezes most nights, so it could happen anytime! Not cool, but at least I have warm stuff now...

The members up here are the best. Meals every night and so supportive!! People always ask me if I'm home sick or anything and I say no. The reason for that is that I have family here. Of course they can't replace the amazing family I have, but they come close. They are fun and make me feel so welcome! When the holidays come, I know I will be able to handle them with ease because I have these wonderful people here who will have me over and love me!!! Its the best!

I live in the basement apartment of some members and it is nice. We have our own entrance and kitchen. Its awesome. I will have to take some pictures of it.

I will be sending a memory card home with pictures on it. It wont be full but I feel bad that you haven't seen me much.

My training is going really well, and I am ahead of where I should be, so that is really good. I am taking charge of most of the lessons and doing great!

We do any kind of service we can!!! Pulling weeds is our favorite!!! But we do what we can! Service is so fun. All of you should do it more!

Sorry this letter isn't as good as last weeks, but I logged on to 26 emails!!! Best thing ever!!!! And I also had to email President Sweeney! So I have lots to do today...

I love you all thank you for all you do! Keep praying, going to church and reading the Book of Mormon.


Monday, September 23, 2013

My awesome weekly report

My week has been great!!! First things first, I saw an elk the other day... it was huge! And we hear them all the time! Its mating season apparently... 

If anyone ever wants to, they can send me chocolate covered peanuts because they are the best!!  I have a rash on my face that is itchy, but not super visible, thank goodness. I have not slept all through the night since getting here, but no worries, life is amazing!!! That was all super random, but that is life...

I wish I could tell you all more about Cibecue, but my family would hate the stories I hear. I don't have any crazy stories about it, and I am mostly safe being there. Mom and Brad would hate hearing the things that happen there (all while I am not! So don't worry) I will say that it is pretty dangerous. While I am there we aren't in much danger. We just go visit with the members, most of which are less active, and share spiritual thoughts. We don't do any door to door stuff! It is so sad going there though. Its a great experience, but my guess is that it is kind of like going to places in Africa where you see a beautiful baby and cry a little because you know they have no chance :( so sad... I wish I could take all of those poor little babies out of the situations they are in...

Our progressing investigators are also kind of a sad story. (Progressing Investigator= a person who is moving towards baptism, very likely to be baptized) H, who is done with the lessons and could be baptized any day, hasn't meet with us in two weeks because she is overwhelmed and stressed. J1 was sick all week so we couldn't meet with him. J2 is on parole so he cant be baptized. He is so ready for baptism, but cant do it because of church policy... Its all sad but we will keep trying and working with all of them!! 

My day to day life goes as follows:
6:30 wake up, then work out, then eat and shower
8:00 personal study
9:00 companion study
11:00 eat
12:00 go out and meet with people
5:00 dinner( usually with members!!)
6:00 back out to people 
9:00 home for planning
10:15 quiet time
10:30 sleep!!!

That is how most of our days are... well kind of, that is the assigned scheduled our real schedule is different depending on the day!

Okay, fun/terrible story! Saturday we went on exchanges, so Sis Jones and I split and went with other sisters (if it still doesn't make sense talk to your local missionaries or a returned missionary).  The sister I went with can't drive for some reason, but we would need to drive... so what does that mean? That meant I needed to drive!!! Well as most of you know, I HATE DRIVING!!!  NOT ONLY  would I be driving, but to be allowed to drive you have to be certified by a mission person to drive! I had to be tested!! The zone leader came and did it, but as others of you know, I have only EVER driven with either my mom or dad in the car. Only ever one other person!! For the test, I had my companion, the zone leaders, and since you cant just have two elders with two sisters, we asked a ward member to ride with us. It was stressful!!! but I did really well and passed. So that was Friday night and I drove on Saturday. I think I have only driven like 48 hours total in my life, but I did really well in all of my driving and I eventually got really comfortable driving! So that's good. Heavenly Father was totally looking out for me!!!

Mom will you teach me piano when I get home, and Jenny will you teach me how to crochet. Those are two things I want to do. I also want to work on Sign Language, Spanish, and cooking. To all of my awesome family members, when I get home will you have me over and teach me how to make some of the delicious food you make!! Because my family literally makes the best food ever!!! I just need to learn how to do things for myself and be more self reliant. ATTENTION!!!! everyone, conference is coming rapidly!!! ARE YOU PREPARING YOURSELVES FOR THIS?!?!?! All of you better watch it!!!! It could be life changing. It was during the October conference last year when the age change occurred, changing my life forever!!! Watch it. Love it. MAKE IT YOUR PRIORITY!!! It is so important to watch it. Do all you can do to prepare for it, but don't do it because I asked you to, do it because you need Heavenly Fathers guidance. Show Him you love Him and that you are humble enough to listen!!!
Also read The Family: A Proclamation to the World. It is very important that you read and understand it. Also (Grandma will love this) read the constitution and learn it. Last night, I went to a fireside about the constitution and learned more about how Heavenly Father had a great part in its creation and in the creation of this country. Study it and know it so you can defend it. It is being attacked and WE need to uphold it and make sure others do as well!!!

Now an evaluation question: Are you holding weekly family home evenings???  And NO I am not just talking to those with children living with them. Young couples, old couples, young and old families, everyone. We are commanded to have them. It isn't just a made up thing. Family home evening is inspired of God!!! Make sure you are taking time each week to have this spiritual time with those you love! If you have questions about what you need to do for them, read true to the faith about Family home evening. It is so important that we are strengthening these family bonds!!! Family is the most important thing we have. Are you truly showing that?!? The home is as sacred as the temples. Are we using them wisely? Everyone please don't think I am being a stinker or anything. I just understand why we are asked to do it. Please make time for your family.

I love you all and pray for you often!

Talk to you next week.


Monday, September 16, 2013

I feel like I've been gone a year!!

People who want to send me things. DON'T USE FEDEX!!! Also I have no convenient way to print things, watch things, or anything. So if you want to send videos or pictures, don't worry about it, because I cant view them :(  

Oh mom can you send me my other water bottle, the dark blue camel bak... and any candy would be awesome! Or just snacks. Anything you know/think I'll like...

Also this is the mission's blog for those who might want to view it. I really don't know much about it but here is the link. I hope its cool!

Happy birthday Riley!!! I love you!!!

I had two super awesome food experiences this week .First, I got to have fresh cow's milk for the first time!!! It tasted really good, but smelled REALLY  bad!!! Then I had moose meat!! It was super good!!! Very similar to cow meat, maybe better!!

Please give me warm things to wear! Sweaters, coats, tights, NO BOOTS OR SHOES, warm PJ's!!! Anything, but shoes!

Okay so now for the good stuff yesterday I had my first baptism.  It was for C. He is so cool! I spoke on the Holy Ghost and I think I did really well. Everything went really smooth!  That was cool.

Now for Cibecue, the reservation. You can't help but feel bad for them. I mean a lot of the poverty is self inflicted because they spend their social security money on booze and other useless things. Still, I feel bad for the kids. There are stray dogs literally everywhere, and all the animals are super skinny! The people are cool though, minus the gang members, who I thankfully don't see, they are very humble and kind. I really don't have cool stories to share from Cibecue, but we went there on Thursday and then for church on Sunday. It is very different down there! It is definitely one of those don't drink the water or eat the food places though!!! I always need to be sure to bring my own water!!!!

I feel like so much happened this week, but I have already told you the cool stuff.  We met with a lot of members and they are all so awesome!!! They are definitely taking care of me, so dont worry!

Ok so I know people want pictures and I am working on filling up my memory card to send home. Honestly most of my pictures are nature shots, they are awesome though. Dad, when I send it home can you make a folder on a computer and put all the pictures in that folder, then put the pictures you want on fb or where ever you want them? I have lots of pictures of friends and I don't want to lose them.

Thank you so much for forwarding Gregory, Tess, and Phil's emails to me! Its nice hearing how they are doing!

This week I have 11 letters to write... I don't  know if you all know this, but that is a lot of letters to do between like noon and 4:30... so if I don't get to you it will come soon. I am still trying to figure out a system for writing. Just know that I love all of you. Especially my super amazing family.

I would love to hear from college friends, but I know that they are all super busy with their own crazy lives! I met someone who knows Chelsea Applegate. I totally don't  remember her name, but we talked about how awesome she is! Its crazy to think that I was at the beginning of my first semester of college this time last year!!! Time sure flies!! It also crazy to think that this time last year I wasn't really even considering a mission! Its crazy how things work out.

I really am thankful to be out on a mission. Its the best! It has been two of the toughest months of my life but also the best!

To anyone considering a mission!!! Start preparing NOW!!! Read Preach My Gospel, along with the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Study the dressing and grooming standards because they are always changing and getting better! Prepare all you can right now and you will be blessed! This really is an amazing time! They say that by the end of the year they are expecting 100,000 missionaries out!!! Will you be one of them! Before my mission I didn't see how this could help me be a better mom. I understood how it could help with my husband, but not my kids. Now I am starting to figure it out! I am learning how to teach the gospel simply and how to help people understand why making good choices is so important. I am learning patience and how to love as our Heavenly Father does. I am learning so many useful things!! It is so cool! 

I hope all is well and that you are all living life to the fullest!

Mom: I Love you! 
Dad: I love you and take care of yourself.
Brooke and Cody: Thank you for managing my blog! I hope you two are having fun! I love you!
Brad and Sarah: I love you two and am so glad you are doing well!
Britta: Thank you so much for all you do! I love you! Give Riley hugs and kisses for me!
Cousins: You are the best never forget it. Do well in school, listen to your parents!! Be strong!
You are all the best! Never forget it!

Read Mosiah 24:13-15. Its great! Read and pray always! Have faith and be strong.

I love you all!

Bresia Yates 
Your cold, but very happy missionary!

From Brooke-  I found this on her mission Blog (along with other candid shots of her, go play "Where's Sister Bresia" if you are bored!)  That's quite the group!  Sister Yate is in the bottom left.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Did I mention it is cold in Show Low?

Hey everyone,

First of all the area I'm in rocks! The people are the best and so nice! We have dinner with members every night! Everyone feed the missionaries because people here are feeding your missionary!!! Sis Jones and I cover 3 wards and 1 branch!!!  Its a lot! The wards are Pinedale, Linden and Clay Springs, and the branch is Cibecue, the reservation! We do a lot of work with members because it is a very Mormon community! So weird to me!  Sister  Jones is awesome! And we are both super chill so we just have a good time and work really hard!! The area I'm in is actually where the AZ fire earlier this year was. Where those 19 firefighters died is I think like 30 mins away... crazy! It is cold up here! So I do need warm clothes! We have a baptism on Sunday the 15th and another one in the near future! C. is married to a member and is getting baptized Sunday, and H. is also married to a member and she will be baptized soon!!!

Yesterday we got a new investigator, Jeff, he is awesome! He has had a rough life, but is so strong and I think he will get baptized. When I asked him to read the Book of Mormon he said he PROMISED he would!!! So cool, and when I asked if he would be baptized after praying to know if this was all true he said yes!!! And yes, I was the one asking!!! SO awesome! my first real first lesson and my first baptismal invitation!!!

This week was so good!! Yes several things feel through, but I didn't get discouraged! The things that worked out made up for anything negative!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the picture of Sister Jones and I at the bakery. It is member-owned so we get to eat there for free! The nicest people own it, they are actually the members that introduced us to Jeff, and we met in their home!  Again, everyone have non-members over to be taught in your home!!! It is so much easier to teach non-members somewhere where the spirit already is!!!

Oh, so I met Sister Carson's brother! He and his family live in one of my wards!!! He is a cool man!

Mom and dad I can listen to music that invites the spirit, so send EFY, MOTAB, Scripture Mastery, instrumentals(especially the piano guys), anything that is spiritually uplifting!!! Cd's are best but mp3 player is good too!!! Also I might buy a GPS so that i can get myself from place to place .... Sis Jones has one and it is a life saver!!!! Also I repeat I need warm clothes!!! Mom if you go on the missionary dress/grooming standards you can see what you can send!  I will also buy some stuff! I think I will be here a while!!! But of course I don't know!

I sent some letters home, but only have our home address so please hand the letters out! They are just to family... addresses would be awesome!!!

I am doing very well, several members have thanked me for the testimonies I share while I am in their homes... I make people cry a lot, because of the spirit I promise!!! Mom and dad, I think you would be proud of who I am turning into! I feel a difference in who I am... its great! 

Dad asked me the following questions in a previous email:

  1. How was your first day with the mission president? My mission president is the best! and so kind.
  2. Did you write down your first day in your journal? I have been trying to write in my journal everyday, but I'm really bad at it!!! I'm working on it though.
  3. Are you going to drive that truck?  What kind is it?  Our truck is a Nissan truck. I like it, but don't drive it
  4. Your Mission President said there are 2 temples in your mission? Yes Snowflake and Mesa
  5. Are you guy able to go to the temple some p-days?  We go to the temple every other transfer. So we go tomorrow.
  6. How many missionaries are in Show Low? I have no idea how many missionaries are in my area.
  7. Tell us more about working on the reservation.  What's it called?  I haven't been to the reservation yet. its called Cibecue.  Its big!!
  8. How was church?  How many missionaries are in your ward?  Church was awesome but with 3 wards yesterday was crazy! Its just Sis Jones and I over three wards, for now, they should be sending more missionaries up soon.
  9. How long of a drive was it from the mission home to Show Low?  It is about 3 1/2 hours!
  10. Was that pretty cool seeing David and Dolores?  What was the reaction from the other missionaries?  It was awesome seeing them! The others were jealous.
  11. Who is able to email you and who can you email?  Anyone can email me and I can email anyone. As long as we aren't in the same mission.
  12. What computer do you get to use?  Something at the church?  I use a computer in a library in the city of Show Low. Its not even in my area. 
  13. Tell us about your day.  My days are busy but awesome!
  14. Are you going to be part of that new social media stuff?  I will eventually be part of that , but don't know when.
Sorry if that makes no sense, dad asked me to answer questions but I get 1 hour and 30 mins to respond to everyone who emails me so I didn't have time to give too many details...

I hope all of you are doing well! I love and miss you! Please send pictures and letters! Also everyone go and read Mosiah 24:13-15!!! It is awesome!

Missionaries need your help. We can't do the work without members help! It is the duty of members to share the gospel with everyone! So do it! It isn't hard just pray for strength and just go for it!!! Honestly members are more important than missionaries. You already have your foot in the door!!!

I love all of you and hope you enjoy hearing about this area! It is the best! It is very country. It is kind of like North Georgia in a lot of ways. The only real difference is you can understand the people here!!!

I love it!

I love all of you! Stay safe and strong!

Sister Bresia Alysse Yates

Monday, September 2, 2013

In the field

I made it! I know its Wednesday, but since I didn't have a p-day, they gave us Wednesday, It should be Monday next week, but I don't know yet. You'll find out then! 

My flight down here went great. I sat next to another elder so not much sharing of the gospel there, but he was a goofy kid! When we got off the plane, Grandpa David was right there to greet me. It was nice to see him and Grammy D. My mission president and his wife are the best! I love them. The first day was a blur, because I was sooo tired!! But it was great.
My companion is Sister Jones from Texas. She is super cool, and I think we will get along really well. The area I'm in is in the mountains, its called Show Low! It is much cooler up here than in the valley! Its super nice!! Part of our area covers some Apache Indian Reservations, so I will spend some time there. Don't worry we go with an escort for safety! Our area is an area where we will mostly work on reactivation, which is awesome! It is so beautiful up here!!! Its very green and open!
Yesterday I saw Elder Molinaro at the transfer meeting along with several of the elders and sisters in my first district and zone!! Including my first companion Sister Andrus!
Right now I am not in a biking area, but maybe next transfer... we will see. We are actually in a truck right now because most of the roads are unpaved. I love it. I also don't have to  drive right now either!!! So life is pretty much great. We will walk a lot, but I love walking!
Oh so here is my address, if anyone wants to send packages or letters!!!  
6265N. 82nd Street
Scottsdale,AZ 85250
Feel free to write when ever!   
Also feel free to email me whenever! and sand me pictures! I miss seeing my cousins, and I know they are having adventures in GA, so pictures of them would be great! Especially the babies!!! I know they are changing a lot!!
Apparently the members feed us like every night! That will be great! I'll have to be careful NOT to gain weight, but I did well with that in the MTC and that food was super good!! I think I should be ok!
I can't believe I am actually in the field! Its the best! It is super hot in the valley right now, but thankfully I am up in the cooler mountains. I hope that I am here only for this transfer though and then next transfer I hope I'm in the valley, where it will be cooled down, but not cold. I guess it gets super cold in the mountains, and you all know how I feel about the cold!!!! If I don't move to the valley next transfer then mom and dad please send all of my warm clothes!!! Because I will need them!!!
I hope all is well at home, wherever home maybe. Know that I am well, and happy. I know this is where I am suppose to be. Even though this is hard and only going to get harder, I know I can do it because I have Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost holding me up... and because I know I have all of you supporting me every step of the way!
You are all the best I hope to hear from some of you soon! Be safe! Have faith, and pray always.
I know that sometimes/all the time it is hard to see where we need to go, but trust Heavenly Father, He has everything figured out. If you don't believe me ask Him, and read the Book of Mormon. Ether 12 is a great faith chapter. Rely on the Lord, He knows exactly how you feel. The Atonement was done so that we can repent and be forgiven of our sins, but it was also done so Heavenly Father would know exactly how we need to be comforted. Christ knows every pain, every sadness, every sickness we have ever had. Let Him heal you! He is the best Doctor ever! Don't be afraid to go to our Father in Heaven with questions, concerns, fears, transgressions, or anything. He loves us WAY more than we can comprehend, He wants us to know Him and to return to live with Him...
I know that this is the one true church on the face of the Earth. I know this is the same church Christ organized while he was on the Earth. I know that through Joseph Smith, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, reorganize it on the Earth. I know we have a Father in Heaven who knows us and loves us. I know that because He loves us, He sent His son Jesus Christ to Atone for our sins, and to die so that we could live again. I know that my Redeemer lives! I know that the Holy Ghost is our companion as long as we are worthy to have Him with us. I know we have a Prophet today, who leads us under the direction of Heavenly Father. This is the true church. The Book of Mormon is a true and correct book, that can help you, if you allow it to!
I love you all so much and say these things in the name of my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all so much! 
Sister Bresia Alysse Yates   
Sister Yates and Sister Jones at a local Bakery. Photo curtesy the nice business owner.

With love from Pheonix!

We heard from Bresia this morning.  She sounded very mature and was ready and excited to go to Arizona.
She was feeling great and has not experienced any pain since her surgery.  The medicine was doing well.

We has loved her time in the MTC.  She ended up having 10 companions and 6 different teachers.  At the end the teachers felt that she was one of them because she knew lessons as well as they did.  She is actually considering schooling in Provo and teaching at the MTC.  She loved everything about it there.  She had lots of time to teach and feel ready for her time in Arizona.

She was a little worried about being on a bicycle for her mission but was up to the challenge and was excited and not the least be nervous about being in the field.  She looked forward to talking next at Christmas and sends her love to everyone.

It was a brief call but it was great to hear from her and she sounded great.


PS- she has loved getting mailed and emailed pictures so keep them coming! 

Grandpa David and Grammy Dolores found her at the airport and were able to snag a few pictures.