Monday, September 9, 2013

Did I mention it is cold in Show Low?

Hey everyone,

First of all the area I'm in rocks! The people are the best and so nice! We have dinner with members every night! Everyone feed the missionaries because people here are feeding your missionary!!! Sis Jones and I cover 3 wards and 1 branch!!!  Its a lot! The wards are Pinedale, Linden and Clay Springs, and the branch is Cibecue, the reservation! We do a lot of work with members because it is a very Mormon community! So weird to me!  Sister  Jones is awesome! And we are both super chill so we just have a good time and work really hard!! The area I'm in is actually where the AZ fire earlier this year was. Where those 19 firefighters died is I think like 30 mins away... crazy! It is cold up here! So I do need warm clothes! We have a baptism on Sunday the 15th and another one in the near future! C. is married to a member and is getting baptized Sunday, and H. is also married to a member and she will be baptized soon!!!

Yesterday we got a new investigator, Jeff, he is awesome! He has had a rough life, but is so strong and I think he will get baptized. When I asked him to read the Book of Mormon he said he PROMISED he would!!! So cool, and when I asked if he would be baptized after praying to know if this was all true he said yes!!! And yes, I was the one asking!!! SO awesome! my first real first lesson and my first baptismal invitation!!!

This week was so good!! Yes several things feel through, but I didn't get discouraged! The things that worked out made up for anything negative!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed the picture of Sister Jones and I at the bakery. It is member-owned so we get to eat there for free! The nicest people own it, they are actually the members that introduced us to Jeff, and we met in their home!  Again, everyone have non-members over to be taught in your home!!! It is so much easier to teach non-members somewhere where the spirit already is!!!

Oh, so I met Sister Carson's brother! He and his family live in one of my wards!!! He is a cool man!

Mom and dad I can listen to music that invites the spirit, so send EFY, MOTAB, Scripture Mastery, instrumentals(especially the piano guys), anything that is spiritually uplifting!!! Cd's are best but mp3 player is good too!!! Also I might buy a GPS so that i can get myself from place to place .... Sis Jones has one and it is a life saver!!!! Also I repeat I need warm clothes!!! Mom if you go on the missionary dress/grooming standards you can see what you can send!  I will also buy some stuff! I think I will be here a while!!! But of course I don't know!

I sent some letters home, but only have our home address so please hand the letters out! They are just to family... addresses would be awesome!!!

I am doing very well, several members have thanked me for the testimonies I share while I am in their homes... I make people cry a lot, because of the spirit I promise!!! Mom and dad, I think you would be proud of who I am turning into! I feel a difference in who I am... its great! 

Dad asked me the following questions in a previous email:

  1. How was your first day with the mission president? My mission president is the best! and so kind.
  2. Did you write down your first day in your journal? I have been trying to write in my journal everyday, but I'm really bad at it!!! I'm working on it though.
  3. Are you going to drive that truck?  What kind is it?  Our truck is a Nissan truck. I like it, but don't drive it
  4. Your Mission President said there are 2 temples in your mission? Yes Snowflake and Mesa
  5. Are you guy able to go to the temple some p-days?  We go to the temple every other transfer. So we go tomorrow.
  6. How many missionaries are in Show Low? I have no idea how many missionaries are in my area.
  7. Tell us more about working on the reservation.  What's it called?  I haven't been to the reservation yet. its called Cibecue.  Its big!!
  8. How was church?  How many missionaries are in your ward?  Church was awesome but with 3 wards yesterday was crazy! Its just Sis Jones and I over three wards, for now, they should be sending more missionaries up soon.
  9. How long of a drive was it from the mission home to Show Low?  It is about 3 1/2 hours!
  10. Was that pretty cool seeing David and Dolores?  What was the reaction from the other missionaries?  It was awesome seeing them! The others were jealous.
  11. Who is able to email you and who can you email?  Anyone can email me and I can email anyone. As long as we aren't in the same mission.
  12. What computer do you get to use?  Something at the church?  I use a computer in a library in the city of Show Low. Its not even in my area. 
  13. Tell us about your day.  My days are busy but awesome!
  14. Are you going to be part of that new social media stuff?  I will eventually be part of that , but don't know when.
Sorry if that makes no sense, dad asked me to answer questions but I get 1 hour and 30 mins to respond to everyone who emails me so I didn't have time to give too many details...

I hope all of you are doing well! I love and miss you! Please send pictures and letters! Also everyone go and read Mosiah 24:13-15!!! It is awesome!

Missionaries need your help. We can't do the work without members help! It is the duty of members to share the gospel with everyone! So do it! It isn't hard just pray for strength and just go for it!!! Honestly members are more important than missionaries. You already have your foot in the door!!!

I love all of you and hope you enjoy hearing about this area! It is the best! It is very country. It is kind of like North Georgia in a lot of ways. The only real difference is you can understand the people here!!!

I love it!

I love all of you! Stay safe and strong!

Sister Bresia Alysse Yates

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