Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 5 From AZ

My package came! Thank you! Being warm is the best, and seeing my snow suit was amazing!!!! Of  course I sleep in it every night and Sister Jones laughs every night!!

Friday we had zone conference where we found out we will be getting iPads by February and Facebook in like November. I think with the Facebook thing I will have to kill my real Facebook, so mom, or whoever is working with that, be prepared for me to kill it. I am super excited. The iPad will replace the area book and will be super awesome!! I know that isn't much info, but we don't know much yet.

The rash on my face went away!!!! And I'm still not sleeping well. but part of that is because I have been having weird dreams. For example, last night I had a dream that Sister Jones and I were driving and hit an elk (which could really happen in these parts). I hope that isn't anything like how I had a dream about the wreck Britta and I had. That would be bad! I also had a dream about aliens... anyone who has watched signs or any alien movie with me knows that they scare me!!!! I did not sleep well last night, but oh well that's life!

I have been the worst missionary ever!!! I have been giving you all things to do to help you and I have not followed up once!!!!! So tell me how are all of you doing with family history, and reading the Book of Mormon and praying. and Family Home Evening? I really hope you are actually doing these things!!!

There is a chance of snow here. It freezes most nights, so it could happen anytime! Not cool, but at least I have warm stuff now...

The members up here are the best. Meals every night and so supportive!! People always ask me if I'm home sick or anything and I say no. The reason for that is that I have family here. Of course they can't replace the amazing family I have, but they come close. They are fun and make me feel so welcome! When the holidays come, I know I will be able to handle them with ease because I have these wonderful people here who will have me over and love me!!! Its the best!

I live in the basement apartment of some members and it is nice. We have our own entrance and kitchen. Its awesome. I will have to take some pictures of it.

I will be sending a memory card home with pictures on it. It wont be full but I feel bad that you haven't seen me much.

My training is going really well, and I am ahead of where I should be, so that is really good. I am taking charge of most of the lessons and doing great!

We do any kind of service we can!!! Pulling weeds is our favorite!!! But we do what we can! Service is so fun. All of you should do it more!

Sorry this letter isn't as good as last weeks, but I logged on to 26 emails!!! Best thing ever!!!! And I also had to email President Sweeney! So I have lots to do today...

I love you all thank you for all you do! Keep praying, going to church and reading the Book of Mormon.


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