Monday, September 2, 2013

With love from Pheonix!

We heard from Bresia this morning.  She sounded very mature and was ready and excited to go to Arizona.
She was feeling great and has not experienced any pain since her surgery.  The medicine was doing well.

We has loved her time in the MTC.  She ended up having 10 companions and 6 different teachers.  At the end the teachers felt that she was one of them because she knew lessons as well as they did.  She is actually considering schooling in Provo and teaching at the MTC.  She loved everything about it there.  She had lots of time to teach and feel ready for her time in Arizona.

She was a little worried about being on a bicycle for her mission but was up to the challenge and was excited and not the least be nervous about being in the field.  She looked forward to talking next at Christmas and sends her love to everyone.

It was a brief call but it was great to hear from her and she sounded great.


PS- she has loved getting mailed and emailed pictures so keep them coming! 

Grandpa David and Grammy Dolores found her at the airport and were able to snag a few pictures.


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