Monday, September 23, 2013

My awesome weekly report

My week has been great!!! First things first, I saw an elk the other day... it was huge! And we hear them all the time! Its mating season apparently... 

If anyone ever wants to, they can send me chocolate covered peanuts because they are the best!!  I have a rash on my face that is itchy, but not super visible, thank goodness. I have not slept all through the night since getting here, but no worries, life is amazing!!! That was all super random, but that is life...

I wish I could tell you all more about Cibecue, but my family would hate the stories I hear. I don't have any crazy stories about it, and I am mostly safe being there. Mom and Brad would hate hearing the things that happen there (all while I am not! So don't worry) I will say that it is pretty dangerous. While I am there we aren't in much danger. We just go visit with the members, most of which are less active, and share spiritual thoughts. We don't do any door to door stuff! It is so sad going there though. Its a great experience, but my guess is that it is kind of like going to places in Africa where you see a beautiful baby and cry a little because you know they have no chance :( so sad... I wish I could take all of those poor little babies out of the situations they are in...

Our progressing investigators are also kind of a sad story. (Progressing Investigator= a person who is moving towards baptism, very likely to be baptized) H, who is done with the lessons and could be baptized any day, hasn't meet with us in two weeks because she is overwhelmed and stressed. J1 was sick all week so we couldn't meet with him. J2 is on parole so he cant be baptized. He is so ready for baptism, but cant do it because of church policy... Its all sad but we will keep trying and working with all of them!! 

My day to day life goes as follows:
6:30 wake up, then work out, then eat and shower
8:00 personal study
9:00 companion study
11:00 eat
12:00 go out and meet with people
5:00 dinner( usually with members!!)
6:00 back out to people 
9:00 home for planning
10:15 quiet time
10:30 sleep!!!

That is how most of our days are... well kind of, that is the assigned scheduled our real schedule is different depending on the day!

Okay, fun/terrible story! Saturday we went on exchanges, so Sis Jones and I split and went with other sisters (if it still doesn't make sense talk to your local missionaries or a returned missionary).  The sister I went with can't drive for some reason, but we would need to drive... so what does that mean? That meant I needed to drive!!! Well as most of you know, I HATE DRIVING!!!  NOT ONLY  would I be driving, but to be allowed to drive you have to be certified by a mission person to drive! I had to be tested!! The zone leader came and did it, but as others of you know, I have only EVER driven with either my mom or dad in the car. Only ever one other person!! For the test, I had my companion, the zone leaders, and since you cant just have two elders with two sisters, we asked a ward member to ride with us. It was stressful!!! but I did really well and passed. So that was Friday night and I drove on Saturday. I think I have only driven like 48 hours total in my life, but I did really well in all of my driving and I eventually got really comfortable driving! So that's good. Heavenly Father was totally looking out for me!!!

Mom will you teach me piano when I get home, and Jenny will you teach me how to crochet. Those are two things I want to do. I also want to work on Sign Language, Spanish, and cooking. To all of my awesome family members, when I get home will you have me over and teach me how to make some of the delicious food you make!! Because my family literally makes the best food ever!!! I just need to learn how to do things for myself and be more self reliant. ATTENTION!!!! everyone, conference is coming rapidly!!! ARE YOU PREPARING YOURSELVES FOR THIS?!?!?! All of you better watch it!!!! It could be life changing. It was during the October conference last year when the age change occurred, changing my life forever!!! Watch it. Love it. MAKE IT YOUR PRIORITY!!! It is so important to watch it. Do all you can do to prepare for it, but don't do it because I asked you to, do it because you need Heavenly Fathers guidance. Show Him you love Him and that you are humble enough to listen!!!
Also read The Family: A Proclamation to the World. It is very important that you read and understand it. Also (Grandma will love this) read the constitution and learn it. Last night, I went to a fireside about the constitution and learned more about how Heavenly Father had a great part in its creation and in the creation of this country. Study it and know it so you can defend it. It is being attacked and WE need to uphold it and make sure others do as well!!!

Now an evaluation question: Are you holding weekly family home evenings???  And NO I am not just talking to those with children living with them. Young couples, old couples, young and old families, everyone. We are commanded to have them. It isn't just a made up thing. Family home evening is inspired of God!!! Make sure you are taking time each week to have this spiritual time with those you love! If you have questions about what you need to do for them, read true to the faith about Family home evening. It is so important that we are strengthening these family bonds!!! Family is the most important thing we have. Are you truly showing that?!? The home is as sacred as the temples. Are we using them wisely? Everyone please don't think I am being a stinker or anything. I just understand why we are asked to do it. Please make time for your family.

I love you all and pray for you often!

Talk to you next week.


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