Friday, August 30, 2013

Leaving so soon!

Well everyone, yet again I have a change of plans, I leave Monday the 2nd of September. Mom and Dad I will be calling (if time permites) at around 7-8 pm Utah time. Basically keep your phones on you all day!

Things are going well here! I am super anxious to leave, but I know I will miss it here! 

I am so excited that Tyler Molinaro is reassigned to my mission! I think that is just awesome! 

Things are pretty much the same as always. Just classes, eating the tasty food, and loving the spirit! Nothing new, but so great! I really do love this place. 

Ok, cousins and friends, if you are planning/wanting to serve a mission, start preparing NOW!  Ladies get on and study what you can and can't wear! Everyone study Preach my Gospel, the scriptures, and any other books you can. Missions are amazing, and will change you if you let them! I hope all of you will seriously consider serving! This is the best decision I have made thus far in my life! 

I'm glad school is going well for everyone! I am so glad that I don't have to worry about that for a while! I really don't like school! 

How is everyone? I know how Mom, Dad, and Riley are doing, but thats it. I would love to hear from everyone.  I know that friday is the last day I will get dearelders at the MTC, so maybe wait until I get to the field! I hope all is well. I would love some pictures of the family and of my friends. You can email them if you want. I just love seeing the things you are all doing.

I hate emailing home because I feel like I have nothing to say and I have no idea what to say... 

My branch president ( President Robinson) was released last week:( He is on to bigger better things. He is a great guy though, and his wife is an angel here on Earth! They both helped me so much over the past two months. 

I am so thankful for this oppritunity to serve! Its crazy how fast it is going though! I feel like I'll be home in no time! Which is sad, even though I have 16 months left, I have learned so much about how to help others come unto Christ and how to be a better person! I am so excited to learn more and come closer to Christ myself! 

All of us can come closer to Christ, we all need to repent, which means to change, and realign your will with God's will. Strive to do what is right. learn more about Christ and His Atonement. always strive to be a better. You love life and those around you, read your scriptures, and pray all the time! The Book of Mormon can change your life if you let it. read and apply the scriptures to your life. Sorry if this sounds preachy, but my purpose as a missionary is to invite others to come unto Christ and I am pretty sure you are all others... Heavenly Father loves you all, He knows you, and He hears your Prayers. Never forget that. 

AJ and Shauna, I love you and your family so very much! You are the best. I pray for you often and put your families name on the prayer roll every week. You are amazing! please tell the girls I love them so much. 

It amazes me how much Heavenly Father helps me. If I have a difficult comp, He helps me with being patient! He is literally helping me with everything! Big things and little things. It is amazing to see!!! everyone needs to look for the tender mercies! They are real. 

I love Sundays here, because they are so full of the spirit. No one does anything except for attend sunday meetings and study, or build stronger relationships in the districts. We are all focused on having the spirit with us. We watch conference talks or Church movies, it makes such a difference! Sunday is a day of rest, not a day to hang out with friends, watch random pointless tv, clean, work, or anything like that! It is a day to strengthen our families and enjoy the spirit!!! take advantage of that! use Sunday to come closer to Christ and our Father in Heaven. Again I am sorry if that sounds preachy, but keeping the Sabbath day holy is a commandment! and to be Christ like we need to obey ALL  of Gods commandments! If there are things you could change about how you are living your life I invite you to work on them and change them, then feel Heavenly Fathers presence more fully in your life! It is amazing!!! And so worth making the changes. Start small and work up! 

I love you all so much! stay safe, and stay close to the Spirit!

Pray always and read the Book of Mormon! 

Love always,
 Sister Bresia Alysse Yates

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is this really 7 weeks??? I don't even remember!!!

Well hello loved ones! How are you?

My district that just left Monday was soooo amazing!! They changed my life!!! We were all so close and we had amazing times together!!! I am so sad they have left!!! But its ok, that is life!

I'm really sorry these letters are so bad! I just never know what you all actually want to hear.

Jenny thank you so much for the doughnuts they were so tasty! I love getting packages and letters! Its the best! Especially now that I have been out for like a month and a half. Time had literally flown! I feel like I'll be home soon...

I would love some hard copies of pictures so I can see my family! I love getting letters about Riley and all of my cousins! I miss you all and love hearing about your adventures!

This letter might be shorter because I only get one hour and I have lots of people to write! But I guess something is better than nothing!

I really hope everyone is doing well and loving life.

OK so one of the teacherish people I have right now knows Cody! And yesterday he told me he had sent Cody a Facebook message telling him that he knew me... small world. I'm curious to know if he said anything else! I was kinda of jealous, because he is allowed to talk to my family whenever and I only get 1 hour a week. oh well that is missionary life for ya... And 17 months isn't that far away!!!

I feel super bad because I know this letter is super lame, but all I do is go to class and teach investigators, that aren't real investigators, so life is a little dull. I don't have any super cool stories other than Saturday I taught four people and it went amazing!!! like the spirit was leading the lesson and touched everyone!!!

I do love the MTC!

Family and friends- Share the gospel with everyone! They need it! Its not hard! Just open your mouth and Heavenly Father will take over!!!

Also go do those family names in the temple! And work on furthering our genealogy. Have Family Home Evening activities and just do it!!!! they need it!!!!

I have to go because my hour is up, but I love you all so much and pray for you all often.

Cousins- prepare NOW to serve a mission. You will never regret it! This has already blessed my life so much!!!

Stay strong and pray always!! You are the best support ever!

I love you all!


Also, the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Read it often and rely on its teachings!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Quick Update

Hey so never mind. I will be leaving on the 29th of this week... so one more district... I'm a little bummed, but it is ok. Obviously Heavenly Father needs me here!

Great News!

Hey everyone!
GUESS WHAT!!!! I GET TO LEAVE!!!!  It will be sometime next week, probably the 21st!!!! I am pretty excited! But also sad because I have grown to love it here! Oh well. I get to go to Arizona! Well my doctor wants me to go on Lupron (I don't think that is how you spell it), I'm glad things are making sense now and I am finally getting answers!

My new district is amazing! I really love everyone in it! We have fun goofing off and learning together! Our day to day schedule is super crazy and different everyday! But we basically have 3 hours of classes where we learn how and what to teach, then we do an activity where the companionship teaches the teachers as if they were investigators! Its super fun! We also go to this thing called TRC which is more teaching! I love it so much! It is great training for the field! I really have learned a lot here and the teachers all know I will be a great missionary, and no they are not just saying. The rest of the day is studying, eating, or gym time it just depends on the day! Even though we don't have a lot of free time, we are so close as a district! Its amazing.

On Tuesdays we have a devotional where a General Authority usually comes and teaches the missionaries, but as some of you may know July is their off month.  I had no one come until this past Tuesday!!! Elder Richard G. Scott came and talked too us!!! It was so cool!!!!!!!

Mom and Dad- I sent home some letters so be looking for those. Also I would love to get more pictures.

I get to go to the temple for the first time in over a month!!! I am so excited. I went from going once a week to never because the Provo temple has been closed. 
Overcash family!!! We need to do more family names! We have lots of work to do! Lets get to it! I think it would be awesome if every time, or almost every time someone went to the temple they had a family name! There is work to be done and they can't do it, they need us!

I have to go sorry this letter is short and lame, but I love you all!

Jeni- Thank you for the package! I love you!

Mom- I am glad you are doing better.

Dad- Thank you for the support.

I love you all more than anything. I have the best support system!

Write me when you want!

Pray always, go to church, and help others!  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 4: I'm still here

Well I am still in the MTC and loving it, I promise. Surgery went well (ask my mom, dad, or Brooke if you want details). Recovery is going really well. Its only been a week and I feel close to 100%, so that's good! I do wish I could have not been in the MTC to recover because that's extended recovery time I think. But I really do feel great! Mom you would be proud of me! I've been toughing through and doing what I need to too recover. My incisions are going through pre-infections phases, but I am taking care of it! 

I'm on my 4th district, they have all been really great and awesome, but I have been through so many... And I still have more to go before I can get out of here... 

Cool thing. I woke up feel really rough on Monday morning like super out of it! I went to breakfast and still felt really bad. So I was in the middle of breakfast and said a prayer that I would feel better so I could go to class. Thankfully before class we had gym time, so I took a nap and woke felling soooo good. I was super cool! Prayer works! 

So I still haven't seen any General Authorities, but there is still time! And if I don't see any its not a big deal because those that have come to speak at the devotionals have been amazing!!!

If you send me a dearelder, letter, or package, my unit number has changed it is now 155 not 234. I will still get anything sent to 234, but I will get it faster if you send it to 155.

I love getting the dearelders, letters, and packages! Thank you to all that have sent me things! I really love it! 

Hey Brooke you are so great! Thank you so much for coming down and taking care of me after surgery and for holding my hand through it all! I needed that! I know medical stuff isn't your favorite, but I am really thankful that you were there!

Mom, I am glad you are well.

Dad, I love getting your daily dearelders! I love you! 

Sarah, I hope the job interview go well, and that you are doing well.

Brad, I love and miss you! 

Britta, I'm excited to hear how your job interview goes!!!! I miss you!

I will try to send more hand written letters, but I don't have addresses so that makes it difficult. I have terrible hand writing so good luck reading them!!!!

I will keep you all posted on my medical stuff and what meds they put me on. Mom maybe run things through John so he can give some input into the best options or if what the Dr's are giving me are even good... 

Of course I will let you know when i'll be leaving, but your guess is better than mine! I really do love it hear!!!

Talk to you all next week. Be safe. Be strong!!!
I love you all!!!
Sister Bresia Yates

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Waiting in the hospital

This is Bresia's sister Brooke writing-
I received a call Wednesday evening informing me that Sister Yates would be having an out patient surgery this morning, so I am composing this post from Utah Valley Hospital.

Bresia's doctors determine that they needed a closer look at the problems and she had an abdominal scope.  It has been such a blessing to be here with her and to spend time with one of her companions. She has been very patient and strong through this entire process.  It is hard even going to the doctor with out your mom for the first time when you have a cell phone! It has been a great learning experience for her and she has learned so much more independence.

Her scope has gone well, she had a few problem areas that they were able to "clean-up" and will look into the best options to manage any future outbreaks.  She is coming out of the anesthesia now. She says she feels like an old person and her arms are heavy.

Be sure to send a get well soon note! is fast, free, and easy. She is in the Provo MTC and her unit is 65, departure date Aug 05 and mission codeAZ-SCDL.  She would love to hear from any one even if all you have time for is a get well soon.

Here is a pre-surgery photo of her. Post op has been a little hard so we won't embarrass her.