Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week 4: I'm still here

Well I am still in the MTC and loving it, I promise. Surgery went well (ask my mom, dad, or Brooke if you want details). Recovery is going really well. Its only been a week and I feel close to 100%, so that's good! I do wish I could have not been in the MTC to recover because that's extended recovery time I think. But I really do feel great! Mom you would be proud of me! I've been toughing through and doing what I need to too recover. My incisions are going through pre-infections phases, but I am taking care of it! 

I'm on my 4th district, they have all been really great and awesome, but I have been through so many... And I still have more to go before I can get out of here... 

Cool thing. I woke up feel really rough on Monday morning like super out of it! I went to breakfast and still felt really bad. So I was in the middle of breakfast and said a prayer that I would feel better so I could go to class. Thankfully before class we had gym time, so I took a nap and woke felling soooo good. I was super cool! Prayer works! 

So I still haven't seen any General Authorities, but there is still time! And if I don't see any its not a big deal because those that have come to speak at the devotionals have been amazing!!!

If you send me a dearelder, letter, or package, my unit number has changed it is now 155 not 234. I will still get anything sent to 234, but I will get it faster if you send it to 155.

I love getting the dearelders, letters, and packages! Thank you to all that have sent me things! I really love it! 

Hey Brooke you are so great! Thank you so much for coming down and taking care of me after surgery and for holding my hand through it all! I needed that! I know medical stuff isn't your favorite, but I am really thankful that you were there!

Mom, I am glad you are well.

Dad, I love getting your daily dearelders! I love you! 

Sarah, I hope the job interview go well, and that you are doing well.

Brad, I love and miss you! 

Britta, I'm excited to hear how your job interview goes!!!! I miss you!

I will try to send more hand written letters, but I don't have addresses so that makes it difficult. I have terrible hand writing so good luck reading them!!!!

I will keep you all posted on my medical stuff and what meds they put me on. Mom maybe run things through John so he can give some input into the best options or if what the Dr's are giving me are even good... 

Of course I will let you know when i'll be leaving, but your guess is better than mine! I really do love it hear!!!

Talk to you all next week. Be safe. Be strong!!!
I love you all!!!
Sister Bresia Yates

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