Thursday, August 1, 2013

Waiting in the hospital

This is Bresia's sister Brooke writing-
I received a call Wednesday evening informing me that Sister Yates would be having an out patient surgery this morning, so I am composing this post from Utah Valley Hospital.

Bresia's doctors determine that they needed a closer look at the problems and she had an abdominal scope.  It has been such a blessing to be here with her and to spend time with one of her companions. She has been very patient and strong through this entire process.  It is hard even going to the doctor with out your mom for the first time when you have a cell phone! It has been a great learning experience for her and she has learned so much more independence.

Her scope has gone well, she had a few problem areas that they were able to "clean-up" and will look into the best options to manage any future outbreaks.  She is coming out of the anesthesia now. She says she feels like an old person and her arms are heavy.

Be sure to send a get well soon note! is fast, free, and easy. She is in the Provo MTC and her unit is 65, departure date Aug 05 and mission codeAZ-SCDL.  She would love to hear from any one even if all you have time for is a get well soon.

Here is a pre-surgery photo of her. Post op has been a little hard so we won't embarrass her.

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