Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is this really 7 weeks??? I don't even remember!!!

Well hello loved ones! How are you?

My district that just left Monday was soooo amazing!! They changed my life!!! We were all so close and we had amazing times together!!! I am so sad they have left!!! But its ok, that is life!

I'm really sorry these letters are so bad! I just never know what you all actually want to hear.

Jenny thank you so much for the doughnuts they were so tasty! I love getting packages and letters! Its the best! Especially now that I have been out for like a month and a half. Time had literally flown! I feel like I'll be home soon...

I would love some hard copies of pictures so I can see my family! I love getting letters about Riley and all of my cousins! I miss you all and love hearing about your adventures!

This letter might be shorter because I only get one hour and I have lots of people to write! But I guess something is better than nothing!

I really hope everyone is doing well and loving life.

OK so one of the teacherish people I have right now knows Cody! And yesterday he told me he had sent Cody a Facebook message telling him that he knew me... small world. I'm curious to know if he said anything else! I was kinda of jealous, because he is allowed to talk to my family whenever and I only get 1 hour a week. oh well that is missionary life for ya... And 17 months isn't that far away!!!

I feel super bad because I know this letter is super lame, but all I do is go to class and teach investigators, that aren't real investigators, so life is a little dull. I don't have any super cool stories other than Saturday I taught four people and it went amazing!!! like the spirit was leading the lesson and touched everyone!!!

I do love the MTC!

Family and friends- Share the gospel with everyone! They need it! Its not hard! Just open your mouth and Heavenly Father will take over!!!

Also go do those family names in the temple! And work on furthering our genealogy. Have Family Home Evening activities and just do it!!!! they need it!!!!

I have to go because my hour is up, but I love you all so much and pray for you all often.

Cousins- prepare NOW to serve a mission. You will never regret it! This has already blessed my life so much!!!

Stay strong and pray always!! You are the best support ever!

I love you all!


Also, the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Read it often and rely on its teachings!!

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