Monday, May 26, 2014

I am still alive! I made it through my first exchange as a Sister Training Leader! It went pretty good, but the sister I was with is so good. My next one will be a little harder. It is never easy when you have to give correction. Thankfully the Holy Ghost helps me know what to do and say!!! Exchanges are so fun! I love being with other sisters!
There isn't really anything new here! The members are still great. I must say I do miss southern hospitality!!! I will leave it at that, because you all know what that means! People everywhere are so mean to missionaries! Future missionaries, prepare yourselves to just take it and love them anyway!!! Pray for those who despise you.
I got a Caresonic for my face. Best thing of my life! My face is so happy!
I am glad to hear that everyone is doing mostly well at home! It is crazy how much everything is chaging! It is exciting to hear that there is so much growth :) I have the best family! I really do! It sounds like you have some fun plans for the summer and that  exciting things are coming your way.
I hope I get some pictures of all the fun things you are doing! I love seeing you!
I've been trying to think about what I should do with my life when I get home, but nothing I've thought about feels right. Its frustrating.  BYU-I doesnt seem right, Provo doesnt seem right, KSU doesnt seem right. Nothing does. Thankfully I have lots of time to really think about that. Not only do I have 8 months before my mission ends, but once I am home I have three months before my BYU-I defferment is over. I really am glad I have more time to think and pray and counsel with others... I really hate school.
I have to get going. I love you all! Be safe and have fun! Be smart! Stop worrying so much. Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. Read and pray often!!!
I love you!!
Sister Yates

Monday, May 19, 2014

This has been a good week! It seems like Mother's Day was forever ago!
Happy late birthday Kevin!!! Hope it was a great day!!
Miracle of the week: Sister Baham decided we wanted to exercise some faith here and get some real work going. We decided to set two baptism goals for two Saturdays in the transfer. We prayed about the two days that we should shoot for and felt that the  7 and 28 of June were those days. We have been praying for help in finding those who will be prepared on the 7th and 28th to be baptized and asking to be the guides the individuals need. Yesterday at church a member came up and said I have a baptism for you. We were sooo happy and then he told us the date!!!! June 28th!!!!!!!!! We about died!!! It happened so fast! Now we just have to get everything worked out!!! Pray everything works out!!! Heavenly Father really does give us miracles!!!
My first exchange as a sister training leader is this week. I am so excited! I love going on exchanges! I love the sisters in my zone! I am so grateful for this chance I have to be  a STL!! 
I get to go to the Mesa Temple again on the 12!!! I am so excited to go to the temple again! Its hard not getting to go to the temple very often, but at least I get to go sometimes!! I know I'm blessed! the Mesa Temple is a very different temple. I mean its really not, but it is just old. It is so beautiful! I can't wait to go!!!!
Everyone should read the Power of Everyday Missionaries. Someone please send me a copy! I would love to read it! It sounds like an amazing tool for missionary work so that is why I am telling you to read it! I'm hoping to get to read it, but really I'm sure I will!!! President Sweeney lets most missionaries read it!
I hope you have a great week! Good luck to all of you dear cute cousins that have finals and other things like that. Congratulations Mia on being done!!! Overcash #10 to graduate from Lassiter! (unless I cant count,which is always possible)
I love you all! Be safe. Be positive. Listen to your mothers, because they really do know everything.  If your mom doesn't know talk to Grandma Judy, because she will definitely know!!! Go to the temple often! Go to church. Only hang out with people who uplift and encourage you to be better.

The Book of Mormon is true! I encourage all of you to read it and re-read it! The Prophets have read it several times and continue to re-read it. We will never know enough about it! Always strive to learn more and understand the important truths found in it! I know it isn't always easy to read the Book of Mormon. I'm dyslexic, reading anything is hard, but it is so worth it. And it helps me feel closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ! Cherish it!  Treasure it! Study it!
I love you!

Sister Bresia Yates

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Good to See you!

I'm not texting and driving. I am a good driver. 

The one where I am wearing the brown sweater I was just having a fun night with the other sisters. The one where I am laying on the floor next to my bed, our beds are very low to the ground and I was trying to plug in something. So hard!! I couldn't fit!!! The one at the temple is Sis Hogenson and I with a member at the Gilbert temple open house. The eyes closed one, it was too bright and I was being a butt!!! Then the rattle snake we ate... that is its spine. 
I am doing great! It was so nice seeing everyone I saw on Sunday! You all look great!!! That makes me happy. 
I got Grandma's and Poppy"s letters! They are the best! Poppy is so funny!
Things are going so well here! Its weird though, for the next few days we have other sisters living with us. I don't like living with other people!!!! Its not as good for a companionship!!! Some people love it... Sis Baham and I don't!!! Oh well, its temporary!
I'm trying to think if there is anything else to say...
so you should all watch these videos!!
They are amazing videos!!!!
Transfer meeting was fun to go to yesterday! I got to see all of my other companions! They are all doing well!!!! It is weird because my trainer goes home in like two transfers!!!! Time really does fly!
Well it is time for me to get running! I love all of you!!!
Sister Bresia Yates

Monday, May 5, 2014

Zoo Picture and Memorize the Articles of Faith!

What a week! I will be calling home next Sunday! I am so excited!!! It seems like it has been so long since I have seen you all!!! And its weird that the next call after is just a few weeks before I get home! Weird. Time flies!!! 

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUMIER AND SHANE!!!!! I hope you both have great birthdays!!! 

Man, oh man, it is crazy out here. It is already so hot. And its only gonna get hotter... Oh well, thats life. 

I don't have any crazy stories for you all this week. I'm sorry about that... I also have to admit that is didn't write any letters last week either... I know I'm lame. This week I will and I have already written some so be prepared if you have written me lately! 

Did you all see the zoo picture of me and my zone? 

:) its cute! 

Yesterday was a good fast Sunday. I really enjoy going to church. Its great to hear from others. It was kind of funny in gospel essentials, the class for investigators and recent converts, we needed to read some of the Articles of Faith for the lesson. Well who needs to read them when you have them memorized. They were blown away that someone actually knew all of them. I thought that was something most people could do. I was wrong. Now I will be teaching several of the primary kids and their parents the Articles of Faith. Thank you Brother Guerra for encouraging us to learn them and Mom for teaching me the songs that made it possible!!! To all you future missionaries, learn them now! They will help you! Also learn the scripture mastery verses. I wish I knew those more. Again the songs helped, but I didn't take advantage of those.

Well what is new with you? Any fun stories? Any pictures? 

 I love you all! Have a great week! Remember that transfers are next week so no email Monday, but I will see some of you on sunday, so can't complain!! 

 Be strong, smart, and safe! 
 Love Sister Yates

PS- I heard there was maybe some bad weather the past few days, like tornados. I'm assuming everyone is safe, lets keep it that way!!!!