Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Good to See you!

I'm not texting and driving. I am a good driver. 

The one where I am wearing the brown sweater I was just having a fun night with the other sisters. The one where I am laying on the floor next to my bed, our beds are very low to the ground and I was trying to plug in something. So hard!! I couldn't fit!!! The one at the temple is Sis Hogenson and I with a member at the Gilbert temple open house. The eyes closed one, it was too bright and I was being a butt!!! Then the rattle snake we ate... that is its spine. 
I am doing great! It was so nice seeing everyone I saw on Sunday! You all look great!!! That makes me happy. 
I got Grandma's and Poppy"s letters! They are the best! Poppy is so funny!
Things are going so well here! Its weird though, for the next few days we have other sisters living with us. I don't like living with other people!!!! Its not as good for a companionship!!! Some people love it... Sis Baham and I don't!!! Oh well, its temporary!
I'm trying to think if there is anything else to say...
so you should all watch these videos!!
They are amazing videos!!!!
Transfer meeting was fun to go to yesterday! I got to see all of my other companions! They are all doing well!!!! It is weird because my trainer goes home in like two transfers!!!! Time really does fly!
Well it is time for me to get running! I love all of you!!!
Sister Bresia Yates

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