Monday, September 16, 2013

I feel like I've been gone a year!!

People who want to send me things. DON'T USE FEDEX!!! Also I have no convenient way to print things, watch things, or anything. So if you want to send videos or pictures, don't worry about it, because I cant view them :(  

Oh mom can you send me my other water bottle, the dark blue camel bak... and any candy would be awesome! Or just snacks. Anything you know/think I'll like...

Also this is the mission's blog for those who might want to view it. I really don't know much about it but here is the link. I hope its cool!

Happy birthday Riley!!! I love you!!!

I had two super awesome food experiences this week .First, I got to have fresh cow's milk for the first time!!! It tasted really good, but smelled REALLY  bad!!! Then I had moose meat!! It was super good!!! Very similar to cow meat, maybe better!!

Please give me warm things to wear! Sweaters, coats, tights, NO BOOTS OR SHOES, warm PJ's!!! Anything, but shoes!

Okay so now for the good stuff yesterday I had my first baptism.  It was for C. He is so cool! I spoke on the Holy Ghost and I think I did really well. Everything went really smooth!  That was cool.

Now for Cibecue, the reservation. You can't help but feel bad for them. I mean a lot of the poverty is self inflicted because they spend their social security money on booze and other useless things. Still, I feel bad for the kids. There are stray dogs literally everywhere, and all the animals are super skinny! The people are cool though, minus the gang members, who I thankfully don't see, they are very humble and kind. I really don't have cool stories to share from Cibecue, but we went there on Thursday and then for church on Sunday. It is very different down there! It is definitely one of those don't drink the water or eat the food places though!!! I always need to be sure to bring my own water!!!!

I feel like so much happened this week, but I have already told you the cool stuff.  We met with a lot of members and they are all so awesome!!! They are definitely taking care of me, so dont worry!

Ok so I know people want pictures and I am working on filling up my memory card to send home. Honestly most of my pictures are nature shots, they are awesome though. Dad, when I send it home can you make a folder on a computer and put all the pictures in that folder, then put the pictures you want on fb or where ever you want them? I have lots of pictures of friends and I don't want to lose them.

Thank you so much for forwarding Gregory, Tess, and Phil's emails to me! Its nice hearing how they are doing!

This week I have 11 letters to write... I don't  know if you all know this, but that is a lot of letters to do between like noon and 4:30... so if I don't get to you it will come soon. I am still trying to figure out a system for writing. Just know that I love all of you. Especially my super amazing family.

I would love to hear from college friends, but I know that they are all super busy with their own crazy lives! I met someone who knows Chelsea Applegate. I totally don't  remember her name, but we talked about how awesome she is! Its crazy to think that I was at the beginning of my first semester of college this time last year!!! Time sure flies!! It also crazy to think that this time last year I wasn't really even considering a mission! Its crazy how things work out.

I really am thankful to be out on a mission. Its the best! It has been two of the toughest months of my life but also the best!

To anyone considering a mission!!! Start preparing NOW!!! Read Preach My Gospel, along with the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Study the dressing and grooming standards because they are always changing and getting better! Prepare all you can right now and you will be blessed! This really is an amazing time! They say that by the end of the year they are expecting 100,000 missionaries out!!! Will you be one of them! Before my mission I didn't see how this could help me be a better mom. I understood how it could help with my husband, but not my kids. Now I am starting to figure it out! I am learning how to teach the gospel simply and how to help people understand why making good choices is so important. I am learning patience and how to love as our Heavenly Father does. I am learning so many useful things!! It is so cool! 

I hope all is well and that you are all living life to the fullest!

Mom: I Love you! 
Dad: I love you and take care of yourself.
Brooke and Cody: Thank you for managing my blog! I hope you two are having fun! I love you!
Brad and Sarah: I love you two and am so glad you are doing well!
Britta: Thank you so much for all you do! I love you! Give Riley hugs and kisses for me!
Cousins: You are the best never forget it. Do well in school, listen to your parents!! Be strong!
You are all the best! Never forget it!

Read Mosiah 24:13-15. Its great! Read and pray always! Have faith and be strong.

I love you all!

Bresia Yates 
Your cold, but very happy missionary!

From Brooke-  I found this on her mission Blog (along with other candid shots of her, go play "Where's Sister Bresia" if you are bored!)  That's quite the group!  Sister Yate is in the bottom left.

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