Monday, July 21, 2014

the time we ALMOST got in an accident...

... obviously we didn't die or even get hurt, but it was close... Now that you have had a heart attack here is the story... 

We were on our way home one night and had to stop at a red light. Pretty normal thing. Our light turns green and I look both ways to make sure no dingbats are going to run their red light. Everyone is nice and stopped so I start to go through the intersection. The road a head of me merges into a two lane road pretty fast and I see that a car is coming up behind me so I don't accelerate very fast so this other car can get in front of me. Really as it turns out the other car turned right and wasn't going to be needing to get in front of me. I start going faster and all of the sudden there is a car in front of our car!!! Some dumb butt ran through the red light and we almost hit him!!! Not only did he run the red but he was flying!!! And he went into the right turn lane to get through!!!! Thankfully, I wasn't going any faster and was paying attention!!! It was SO SCARY!!!!!! If we had gone any faster we would have hit, if he was going any slower we would have hit. So scary!!! Thankfully nothing happened!!!
We actually found out the next day that 4 sisters were in a terrible accident the same day. They are all okay, but still its scary stuff...
I bought a Walkman so I could listen to my CDs while I am in the apartment but the one I bought is junk and doesn't work at all!!! So dumb. I'm returning it today, but wont have a Walkman to listen from. First world problems!!! If you wanted to send mine from home out you could, if not its okay.
I'm trying to think of other cool things that have been happening. We have been meeting so many very prepared people lately, but none of them are actually in our area. Oh well, we are happy to send in referrals! Hopefully we will get some referrals soon!!!
Transfers are on the 5th of August. So keep that in mind. I actually think I might move! I'm fine if I stay here for the rest of my mission, but I think I'll move!! I'm really fine with anything! I just don't want a bike!!!
My health has been okay the past few days.With the weather change my arthritis is acting up, but like I told President Sweeney this past week in interviews, pain is pain.
I will need an orthodontist appointment shortly after getting home and a chiropractor appt!!! Really, I just need to go to all of my doctors right when I get home!!! So mom or dad if you want to get those figured out that would be great! I am totally fine if it is the day after I get home if that is doable!! I guess first we need to make sure my release date is the 19th. I have also been thinking about extending, but I haven't thought too much about it. I still have 6 months before we really need to worry about any of this, but be prepared for lots of doctor appointments!!!! oh and hair appointment will be needed too!!!
Funny story: We go to get our  car washed at the same place every Monday and we decided we needed to invite the car wash guys to learn more. We didn't really have time to talk so we just gave them our card with our number on it. So like 30 seconds after giving it to them we get a call and they say, "hey you told us to call you" and then they hung up. We were still at the car wash and the guys started acting really weird. They started texting us and eventually the guy asked if we gave him our number because he wanted to take us on a date!!! We were dying!!! We tried to explain that we didn't want a date we wanted to talk about God!!! He didn't get it!!! He was such a creeper!!! We just hope it isn't too weird when we go to get our car washed!!! We shall see!!!
We were out street contacting and walked by these two punk looking guys who were out smoking. We said hi but we all just thought that they would not be interested and just give us a hard time. We just kept going. We all felt bad so went back to talk. One of the guys was so interested!!! The other knew several members and wasn't interested, but was still very nice! The interested guy doesn't live in our area, but is dating a member so can learn more very easily!!! It was so cool and just goes to show that we really don't know who is prepared!!! we need to invite EVERYONE!!!!
Well i hope you have a great week!!! I love you all so much!! Be safe and pray for miracles!!!
Sister Yates

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