Monday, July 14, 2014

Another week has come and gone. Time is going too fast! I love it out here!!! Yes every plant, animal, and weather pattern wants to kill me, but it is beautiful! Most of the people are so  great! At least all the members of the church are great!! Some of the non-members I think might want to hurt missionaries, but that is life.
So many crazy stories to tell after the mission, don't worry I am safe and healthy. Nothing bad has happened, there are just to many stories to share and so little time to do it..
The world is so wicked!!! I didn't realize how bad it was until I got out here and started meeting people who aren't Mormon. The world is falling apart!! The only comforting thing is knowing that is all part of the plan!! We hear a lot of very sad stories and hear of so much wickedness.. I'm just thankful that I know how I can find true happiness and peace! So many people are lost, but I don't feel lost!
I've been thinking a lot about the Lutzenkerkins this week and how they don't know that they can be sealed together forever. How sad they must be thinking that they will never see Phillip again, and then how blessed I feel that I know that I can be with my family forever!!! I want everyone to know that. I wish more people would just give the church a chance! It only brings happiness!!! Why don't people get that!
We have been hearing a lot about the Ordain the Women lady and Roy Jeffs. So many people think that the whole excommunication of her is just so terrible of the church and that our leaders are heartless. They think that the flds (or rlds, I don't know the difference) stuff with the girls who were abused were in connection with our church! It is a little frustrating to deal with, because so many people don't understand but we just keep trying to help! People are difficult. What can you do but try!
We sang at church on Sunday! All three of us sing so we sang "Because I Have Been Given Much". It sounded pretty good!
I got your package mom and dad. I sent one to mom's house. Brad be on the look out! There is a birthday card for Sarah, and a memory card. Its mostly just clothes that don't fit (they are mostly all too big) and other random things!
As for the iPads, we don't know when we will get them, hopefully soon, but we have no clue!
Monsoos season is fun, minus the high temp and humidity. We don't get much rain in the area I'm in, but we see lightning!! We also see haboobs!!!! those are the big dust storms. they don't happen in my area much, but we sometimes see the big black dust wall!!! they are cool!
Are you helping the missionaries? Are you going to the temple? Are you going to church? Are you being the best  you can be? If not than change that!!! Do the things you are suppose to do!! That is the only way you will have true happiness!!!!!
That is all I have to say! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!  
Sister Bresia Yates
ps- When do all the kiddos go back to school? How has everyone's summer been? When does Greg get home?

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