Monday, July 7, 2014

One YEAR!!!

As of yesterday July 6th I have been away from home for a year!!! On the 10th I hit my year mark and on the 19th I hit my 6 months left... I'm not ready to come home!!! 6 months is so soon!! Yet I am so thankful I have 6 months to be out here!!! This is the best!!!
We are getting into monsoon season which means lots of rain and humidity. I love humidity but not when it is over 100 degrees outside. 105 dry is fine, 105 humid... please shoot me!!! It was weird, dad said you had been in the 60s and my first thought was "wow that is chilly"... there is so much wrong with that!!! I love it out here! I'm getting a nice farmers tan really the heat isn't too bad unless it is humid and over 95 or dry over 105. Its weird how your body gets use to things!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH! I hope you have a great birthday!
Austin! Good luck on your mission! I don't know all of your plans for travel so you might not get to see this, but H love you! have a great two years and I will email you often! I need your mtc address!!! I'm proud of you!
Fourth of July was great! Yet weird, every holiday as a missionary is weird!! I did see fireworks though and the finale was one of the best I have ever seen!!! That is saying something!!! We went to a park and we handed out these cards that we made! We gave  out like over 400! It was cool!!!
What am I learning? I am learning to expect miracles! If you are doing what Heavenly Father has asked you will be pleased!!!! Miracles are real! There are big and small miracles that happen everyday! It is fun to notice! Missionary work isn't hard. We just over think it. Really all you have to do is invite, not hard. Just do it! Do family history work! It is so cool to hear stories about family! I have always loved talking to older people because their stories are just the best! We talked to an older black man yesterday, he told us how he had to go to different schools and sit in the back of the bus. I have only ever talked to white people about that, and I really haven't even done much of that. I also talked to a 95 year old. He told me about his life and what it was like living through WWII. I love war stories and stories from the past. That is why I always loved going and seeing Granddaddy Gainer. Now when I get home I want to talk to Grandma and Poppy so I can hear in their own words what they did for fun and how they lived! We need to know about the past so we can learn from it and really come to know our families!!!! TALK TO YOUR OLDER RELATIVES!!! Old people are the best! (No, Grandma and Poppy aren't old, but they know a lot!!!)
Sorry this is short! I had a lot of emails to read!!! But I love you all so much! Have great weeks and good luck with everything you do!!!!
Sister "1yearold" Yates

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