Monday, June 30, 2014

Three Sisters!

Sister Baham is back for a few weeks. That is exciting!!!
I gave a talk in church on Sunday and sang with the youth.
I love Sister Alexander. She is from all over, but most recently Virginia. She is an army brat. She has been out 6 weeks longer than I have. She also sings some, so the three of us will sing all the time!!!!! Yay!!!
I cant believe June is over!!! It flew by!
We saw a bug that was a big as my hand. It was gross!!! And scary!!!
We are seeing miracles all the time. We met this guy who has been less active for years, and we talked to him about his concerns. We will hopefully begin working with him.
We were trying to contact potential investigators and tried this door. The first time it wasn't a good time. The second time no one was home. The third time the lady that lives there told us to come in the apartment. She told us that she had a religion, but that she loved what we did and she could tell that we had good spirits! She said she could see the light of CHRIST in us! It was so cool. She was the sweetest lady and said we could come back!!!
Then there is this other guy who we offered to help. He rejected the help but said that he wanted to know more about what we do as missionaries. He is also a film producer! So that was pretty cool!!!
There are great things happening here. No we aren't actively teaching but we are trying!!! Maybe soon!!!!
What is the fourth of July plan? Send me pictures and tell me stories about your fun!!!! I always loved the fourth! It will be very different as a missionary, but still so fun!!! I am excited!!!
I hope you all have great weeks!!! I love you all so much! Be safe and keep us in your prayers!!!
Read the Ensign talk in the June issue titled "That we may rejoice together". Missionaries need you to do the finding. Its your job, not ours. So do it!
Read your scriptures and pray often! Go to the temple too!!!! It is the best place you can be!
 I love you all,
Sister Yates!

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