Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I didn't move!

I am still in the same place. Sister Baham was transferred to mesa on a bike :( We did not see that one coming!!! I am no longer a Sister Training Leader. President Sweeney wants me and my new companion, Sister Alexander, to focus on this ward. Wish us luck! But yeah, not training and not a Sister Training Leader. I'm gonna miss being an sister training leader It was so fun!!! Maybe in a few transfers though.
I have been in this ward for my 6 month mark my 9 month mark and will hit my year here. That is a long time! I love it here!!! The members are so nice!

We saw a javalina the other day!!! They are gross and mean!!! Thankfully we were in our car. They are kind of like wild boar. They smell so bad, and are SO UGLY!!!
Everyone! Get The Power of Everyday Missionaries and read it! I am almost done reading it and it is so good! Guess what! As members of the church it is your job to find people for the missionaries to teach and the missionaries job to teach!!! Don't make the missionaries in your area do all the work!!! You all know people who are not members of the church!! If they don't live near you send a referral! Just do something! The work isn't going to really start hastening until the members and missionaries are really working together. The sooner the work moves the sooner the Lord comes. Do as the Apostles have asked and invite a nonmember quarterly!!! We have a statistic here that we are sharing with members, 1 of 10 investigators that missionaries find will be baptized.  If the member does the finding than that changes to 4 of 10. With that in mind, if you ask 4 people a year to learn more (as asked by our leaders) 1 will say yes. okay so there are 15 million members. From the statistic we have we learn that if even just some of the members would do this we could have 1 million new members next year. DO YOUR PART!!!!
Things are going well here. It is so hot! I sweat so much! It is so gross!!! I am a little bit more tan, but noting too crazy! I haven't been burned because I use spf 100. Best stuff ever!
The water is still gross, but as my dear friend in thailand pointed out to me I really shouldn't complain! At least in most places here we can drink the water!!!  
I better get running!!! I love you all so much! The Church is still true! If everything else in the world falls apart, at least we are blessed to know the true gospel of Jesus Christ!!!
Love ya!
sister Yates

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