Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy birthday Everett, Claire, and Ed!!!!

ok so i am officially moved into our new place! so send all mail to 801 E Frontier St.  #29  Payson, AZ 85541. 

I should be sending a package home soon so mom be on the look out!!! 

Transfer news. i am still stl but my comp is Sister tippery. she is from portland, i love her! 

so everyone i dont remember if i said this already, but dont sennd me real letters after January 19th... i love you, but i dont want you to send a letter and me not get it!!! 

Im feeling better than last week, but still my one hundred percent... hopefully we figure this out soon, but im not too worried... so mom dont be too worried either! 

our area if okay. we are really trying to focus on less actives. most of them are not very willing to have us over, but we will go to those who will,. we are inviting them to return or go to the temple. not just come back to church, but to make further covenants with Heavenly Father... 

Im really glad we have a lot of service here. its so fun and i love helping others out. i really do want to do humanitarian stuff when i get home, maybe not in africa because i dont want ebola, but somewhere!!! 

oh i have a memory card to send home dad. its not full but its old so here you go!!!

 I love all of you so much! i just want you to know that!

okay so i went and had some blood work done... now mom can testify that i hate needles and that my blood hates leaving my body. but the needle didnt even phase me this time and i filled the two viles  of blood in like two seconds. it was a blessing! Now to wait for the results!! ill keep you posted..

so everyone here has cancer... its really sad!!! no more cancer!!!!! I hate cancer!!! 

So i am doing well! my health is fine! just the usual unanswerable stuff, but that is nothing new for me:) someday i will have a perfect body;)

I love you all and hope youare all doing wel!!!

Sister Yates

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