Monday, October 6, 2014

hello everyone!

well J and K are baptized!!!! I got to go down for the baptism!!!! It was so wonderful! they are both so happy! and it was great to see the ward!! The drive down and back was horrible, but everything else was amazing!!!!

the drive down is an hour and a half of curvy, hilly mountain roads!!! I hate it! but im getting better at driving those roads.. so that is good. this week I have to drive on similar roads 3times!!!!! shoot me!! but oh well. had to learn someday!! it would be nice is we could disapperate like in Harry Potter...

so Meet the Mormons is my new favorite movie!! go see it and tell everyone you know to go see it too! to see where it is showing go to It is soooo good!!!!

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY CAROL!!!!!!!! sorry I miss it!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!!!!!! have a great birthday!

mom and dad. I have not yet received your package... but it could come today!!!

I think I want to get into kickboxing when I get home... ive always wanted to but never told anyone. I also want to go shooting and get a carrying license!!!! so that is some new things id like to do!!!

I really think I will go to school in Utah! lets get real there is a much better selection of man in Utah and I don't feel like byui is where I should go!

conference was amazing!! I loved it! I loved Elder Scotts talk! but I really loved all of it!

so we had mlc( the mission leadership meeting) and as part of it we went to the temple and they showed the old old video!!!!!! like the one from the 70s!!!!! awww I am not a fan... but it was cool going to the temple!!! I love the temple and am so excited to get to go more when  I get home! and to continue to make and keep sacred covenants!!!!!!! GO TO THE TEMPLE OFTEN!!!!! IT IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!!!!

Life is great! Arizona is great! it is really cooling down. I need warm clothes! my only hesitation is that if I get transferred back to the valley I wont really need super warm clothes like I need already up here! when we were in the valley is was over 100 outside! up here it only gets to the low 80s and that is the heat of the day. mornings and evenings are cold!!!! I don't know what to do, but will need to figure out soon!!!

well time is up!!! I love you all so much! I hope you all have a great week! go to church, read the scriptures and pray as much as you can!!!!!


Sister Yates

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