Monday, October 13, 2014

well i am still alive... i dont know why i wouldnt be alive, but just so you know i am alive! 

I got the package from dad.. it was great! thank you! the socks are great and i love the music. 

Grandma Judy and Poppy i hope you have great birthdays!! Poppy I hope you are feeling better!!! i LOVE YOU TWO!

so i have a question... who sang the devil went down to Georgia? like the good version from stone mountain? 

so this week we were doing a service activity and a pole fell and hit my arm!!! i have a supe cool bruise from it and it really hurts, but it looks awesome! 

really not much happened this week. our appointments all feel through... we spent a lot of time driving from heber to payson... i had to drive at night, in the rain and fog, while having to watch for elk and deer... on mountain roads... dumb!!! but we lived... 

### transfers are on the 28 of this month, so like two weeks. so keep that in mind. 

Also after january 19th dont send me letters or anything! mom and dad you can, but everyone else no! i am not telling you when i am getting home and i dont want you to send me a letter that is will never get! so i love you all, but ill just wait to talk to you when i get home!!

so life is great! fall is weird here. its cool, but there isnt much color change. i live in the pines... lame... oh well. you enjoy it for me! 

I really dont have much to say. it was a pretty uneventful week! and this week is looking to be the same. it is fall break here so everyone is out of town... so work will be slow for a few days... 

Well I love yall! I hope you are all loving the blessings of the temple! because i know you are all going as much as you can!!! enjoy it! I wish i could go to the temple more! but someday i can! 

HAve a great week! be safe and healthy! I love you so much!!!
Sister Yates

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