Monday, October 20, 2014

hello family

so im sick... again... thankfully the stake president up here is a dr and he is going to look into figuring out what is going on. so tomorrow i am off to get some blood work done... 

dont panic though. im not dying or anything( well as far as i know). they just want to rule some things out and try to figure this out. i havent been healthy since april...  that is a problem. 

Okay so i am not being transferred as far as i know. but i am moving! the apartment we are in is not safe so we are moving to a better place! the new address is 801 E Frontier St. #29. the rest is the same. so there is that!

okay you might have noticed some changes on my facebook. no we dont have it yet. but we were asked to get it ready. i cant talk to you unless you have a referral for me. but dont be worried if you see im on!!! 

Things are going pretty well here. we went to the Phoenix temple open house with an investigator. It is a very pretty temple. the baptistery is my new favorite!!!! It is super pretty! go look at pictures!!! 

well i really dont have much to report since ive been sick... but is am alive and well!!!

I love you all!!! choose the right! and be happy!

Sister Yates!   

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