Monday, September 29, 2014

hello Familia!

It has been a good week!!! it has been really stormy though.. i love storms! but not driving in them... i dont like being in a car when there is lightning! I really dont like driving the car when it is stormy!!!

so mom asked me about what i do as an STL.. I go on exchanges where i learn so much from the amazing Sister is am serving with and hope that they learn something from me! I help them with anything i can! they can come to me with anything they want to! I do an evaluation of them. just how they are applying the training we get in meetings. I give correction if needed. I go to Mission Leadership Counsil once a month, we just learn how to be better missionaries them we share what we learn in zone meetings and district meetings. I love being a STL!!! I love helping people!!! 

 I hope that answers some questions of what i do!  i am a female zone leader if that helps any of you RMs.

Today we get to watch the new church produced movie" Meet the Mormons" I am so excited! I dont know if it is showing in any theaters in GA. but it will be on netflix, youtube,and iTunes after its time in theaters! 

So the Women's Conference was great! makes me even more excited to continue to go to the temple!!! I hope you all feel that way! i am excited to get to go to t he temple whenever i want when i get home!!! who wants to join me?!?!?

so our district has done a lot of service lately! and not just weeding!!! mom i know you love it!!!! but im tired of it!!! it makes my hands gross!!! but we have been helping people move a lot! one sister and i completely cleared out a big  uhal with help from others, but mostly us!!! we were so hot, sweaty, and tired after we finished!!! i have not produced that much sweat in a long time!!! but i got some sweet scrubs from it!!!! 

so it is getting cold here... im not totally okay with that! but i cant stop that! so clothes would be nice, or money!!! 

well i am well!!! i am healthy as far as i know. I am loving life! 

Go to the temple! read the Book of Mormon! Pray! go to church!!!! 

I Love you!!!

Sister yates

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