Monday, September 1, 2014

Things are going well here! We have zone conference on Tuesday :) I love zone conference! President and Sister Sweeney will be up here and it will be so nice to see them. Did I tell you that I got to do baptisms when we went to the temple. The endowment session was full so some of us had to do other things. I haven't done baptisms since fall of 2012!!! It was weird being in water, but it was amazing and we still got to sit in the Celestial Room!!! It was great! The drive was amazing!!!!

I cant believe it is already September. This year is going so fast!

Tomorrow is my year mark for being in the mission field, weird. 

Funny fact, my fingers have gotten skinnier so my CTR ring is too small for my right ring   finger. I had to move it to my left hand finger, well it kind of looks like I'm engaged now, I'm not though!!!!

Sorry this is so short and choppy but I had a lot to do on the computer today! Sorry!!!!

I love you all!!! Have a great week!!!

Sister Yates

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