Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Go to the Temple, get an eternal family.

So, there is this hurricane, it has been rainy. I'm tired of the rain! I don't like driving in the rain!!! Atleast I'm not in the valley where it is flooding :) Even though that would be very very fun!! It's also cooling down a lot!!! 

I am staying up in Payson, but I am a Sister Training Leader again. I'm excited! 

On Saturday we are going to  the valley for a special mission conference because Elder Russell M. Nelson is coming to talk to us!!! I am so excited!!! It is our mission and the Mesa mission :) I will get to shake his hand!!! 

Two investigators from my last ward are getting married on Friday and then baptized on the 4th of October!!! I get to go down for the baptism!!! I am so excited to go down!!! Best thing ever!!! I love when people are baptized!!! We are hoping to have some of our investigators up here get baptized!!!  

I have had the request to give more detail of my day to day life. Really we just spend the day trying to visit referrals, contacts less actives, and find new people to teach. We also do a lot of service! Mostly pulling weeds, but sometimes painting houses or moving people. I am not a good painter, but I am good at pulling weeds and moving things. They have a community garden here that is super cool! We go and help there at least once  a week! I have planted 6 salad bowl gardens in the past six weeks and they are growing very well. They have harvested 40 pounds already! We still mostly weed there, but we also lay paving bricks, harvest veggies, and do whatever they need done! It's fun and my farmers tan is sick!!! (I put sunscreen on my face, don't worry! I should put it everywhere, but I don't). 

We have an investigator who is really wanting to learn more about the church and believes almost everything we teach, but she comes up with a concern for everything!!! There is always a reason why she can't come to church or baptisms. We are trying to help her. She says that after she learns all the rules she will think about being baptized. 

The less actives are mostly just less active because they are old and not super healthy.. Most of them could still come, but don't. I've decided that I am NEVER getting old! 

Sad news, we have had two deaths in the ward in the past two or three weeks. One was an older gentleman who had health issues that he didn't properly take care of and the other was a maybe 50 year old woman who had beat breast cancer three times before but finally it took her life. She was a great woman! Very cool story! She died a few weeks after welcoming her first grand-baby into the world. She has a son who is still in high school. She really wanted to see him graduate, but Heavenly Father had a different plan in mind. She is finally out of pain. Its a blessing, but the whole ward is mourning her loss. Sister Isert and I are really trying to serve these mourning members as much as we can!!!

When was the last time you went to the temple. Has it been a while? Why? Why has it been a while? The temple should be a priority in our lives. If it isn't there is something wrong!!! 

This week do some self-evaluation. Figure out what matters most in life. Everyone will gain immortality in the next life, not everyone will gain eternal life. What is the difference you might ask? The difference is this. Immortality is just living forever. Eternal life is living FOREVER WITH HEAVENLY FATHER AND YOUR FAMILY!!! Eternal life is what you want. You want to be with your family forever. Make it happen.

I love you all soo much! I look forward to seeing you soon!!! Have a great week!!

Sister Yates

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