Monday, September 22, 2014

Meeting an Apostle!

There is no fire anywhere, but the fire alarm at the church building keeps going off. It happened yesterday right before we started the administration of the sacrament!!! It was funny, and here today it went off right as we were starting emails!!! I hope they figure out whats wrong with the system!

Mom and Dad, this past week I spent a lot of money. I got sick and needed meds. It's nice at home where meds and everything are always just there! Having to be a grown up and buy stuff is stupid. Sorry for the expensive week!!! I should be good for a while though, and no, I am not seriously ill. I'm still alive!

Elder Nelson is so funny! I got to  shake his hand which was cool! He is the second general authority I have meet. The other was Elder Teh of the 70. Still cool, but one of the 12 is pretty stinkin awesome!!! Anyways, he is so funny!!! Who knew!!! He gave us more marriage tips than anything, but that is really quite helpful considering that time of life is coming fast! Well kind of, but it was so cool to hear his testimony! And for him to promise us blessings! It was so cool!

Best advise of the day was don't marry someone unless he or she loves the Lord first. If he loves the Lord and is willing to serve Him first then you know he or she will love and serve you. Cool.

He also said people would rather see a sermon than hear one, in other words, practice what you preach and lead by example.

I was just a great meeting! 

I love President and Sister Sweeney!!! They are so fun! They are a really great example of a happy eternal couple!!! Their examples to their missionaries is great! Everyone loves them!!! I will be sad when I leave them, but at the same time I will be excited to see all of you!

I have to go, but before I do I thought you might like to hear a miracle we had. We have been teaching an investigator for a while, but she won't commit to a baptismal date until she knows all the rules and has had all the lessons. She doesn't want to commit to something she won't stick with. We taught her tithing and she had a lot of concerns!!! We were really worried to teach her the Word of Wisdom because we knew she had problems with coffee, beer, and smoking, but of course we had to teach it! Well, she studied it before we went over and she had no concerns! In fact, her response was good! She bought some cokes to help with the coffee, the beer isn't a problem, and the smoking is well... she said that one will be really hard and she will really need help!!! But she is willing to do it! We are so excited!!! She just needs to keep learning!

I love you all!!! Have a great week!!!

Sister Yates!

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