Monday, August 25, 2014

Things are going pretty well here in Payson! I live in the pine trees. We have amazing views as we drive. It is just beautiful up here.

I don't have to much to say from this week. We just visited people. I have been studying faith lately! Faith is a powerful thing, if you doubt that just pick up the Book of Mormon and open it to a random page. I like studying the scriptures! It is a good thing to do!

On saturday we got to go to the Mesa temple because a use -to-be-less-active woman went through for her endowment. It was great.  I am glad we got to go to the temple!!! 

The drive to Phoenix is beautiful!!! It is just scary!!! I do not like driving down steep mountain curvy roads!!! It is scary and I don't like it!!! I do like the drive though.

We get to go to the Snowflake temple tomorrow :) I am very excited for that!!! It's such a cute little temple!

I can't believe how fast this transfer and month have gone by!!! Why is time going so fast!

Getting old is no fun!!! The area I am in is all old people. Its like 65% retired, and they all have health issues. I am not going to get old!!! The only good sounding thing about it is getting to spend more time with my eternal companion! The rest of it just seems dumb.

So far I have only heard two guesses on my new release date. I want to hear more!
I have been thinking about just surprising everyone and just showing up, but I don't know. I want to have airport memories. I think I will tell you all in a few transfers, but you should all still just guess. Maybe I will just tell mom and dad, who will tell Brooke, Brad, and Britta. Then I will just show up at Grandma's house and surprise the rest of the family. I think that sounds good, but can my family keep it a secret... we shall see. what are your thoughts? I like it. I want to surprise someone!!!

I think my back is broken. It hurts so bad unless I am laying down. Mom, as soon as you know my release date will you get me in with the chiropractor. I'll pay for the x-rays. I will unfortunately need a hair cut. I have only had one trim in over a year!!! My hair has grown over 6 inches. I am planning on getting it trimmed soon, but I wont get it cut until I get home!!!  I just dont want anyone out here messing it up. I like the guy I was going to!!!
Also my bottom teeth are not as straight as they were before, so ortho. And of course I would love to go see Brother Prestwich, and my glasses give me a headache the second I put them on so eye Dr would be nice. I will also need contacts. They die quickly out here...

I think I don't want to race back to BYU-I or school in general. I think I want to just start back to school in the fall of 2015. I do think I want to go to school in Idaho or Utah, but that is just because I want a wider variety of mormon guys, and Georgia just doesn't have the same variety, but all of this is still far off, but all things to think about!!!

Well, I love you all and hope you have great weeks!!!!

Sister Yates  

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