Monday, August 18, 2014

Things are going well up here! I love Payson!!!! Anyone who loves being in the mountains would love it up here!!! The only weird thing about Payson is it is a retirement destination, so everyone is old. I love old people, but they are stubborn!!! oh well.

Not much happened this week. 

I have decided that I want people to guess when I will get home and whoever is closest will maybe get a prize or something. I don't know if this will work but maybe I'll just wait and tell you at christmas, unless people give me ideas. I like the guessing thing. Dad has already made a guess... so everyone guess!!! 

Mom or Dad, if you wanted to throw a walkman into my box that would be okay with me!! I have lots of CDs that I want to listen to. You don't have to but you can! 

One thing that has become incredibly clear to me on my mission is marrying some one who has the same beliefs as you. Marriages are happier when the parents have the same beliefs. The part member families just aren't as happy. It is really sad to see. Marry with in the faith, life is easier!!! Unless they get baptized before, it is just too much of  a gamble!!! Just saying!

We get to go the the temple soon!!! Im excited!!! It will be the Snowflake temple. I love that temple! It is tiny! 

All is well in Arizona! I love my area! I love my mission! I miss all of you so much, but i am still needed out here! 

I hope you all have amazing weeks!! I love you!!!

Sister Yates

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