Monday, August 11, 2014

Big News!

Last week I asked President Sweeney about extending my mission. He said "I'd love to have you extend." I don't know if I am quite ready to tell you when my new release date will be, but don't plan on coming to get me from the airport January 19th. I'm not sure how I want to break the news of my release date to you, but I will think about it. Honestly, I probably will just tell you because I am not a good secret keeper when it comes to myself!!!

My new address is: 
203 E Forest Dr. #7    
Payson, AZ the zip code is either 85541 or 85441 

I am having my dad find out for sure. I have seen it both ways and still received letters, but just in case Dad will find out! I love letters!!!!

President Sweeney also said I might be up here for the rest of my mission! Here is his exact wording "As Ammon said, so say I to you, 'perhaps until the day I die' is how long you should plan for being in Payson. Truly, longer terms are better than shorter!" I love him! I would love to stay here! It would mean that I would be here in the cold again. I will need warm clothes!!! I know I sent a lot of my warm stuff home, but I might need it again. Or I will need money to buy new warm things, or both. really I am more concerned about driving up here on the ice and snow!!! Yesterday was my first day driving in the rain, snow and ice are way different!!! I hope I don't die!!!!

I have been named one of the best budgeters in the mission. I have used my mission money very well! Sister Sweeney is pleased with me :) I hope I can always have that skill!!! I think I will. It feels good knowing that I have money in case of an emergency!!! One of my tricks is I pretend like I don't have any money :)

It is a super small town up here! Everyone knows everyone. Its not as small as my first area, but it is still small. I am still getting use to the slow pace!! Now it is weird not seeing BMWs and other nice cars everywhere. Again the main shopping center is a Wal-mart, its strange!!!  But we have some of the best mountain views ever!!! It is so beautiful up here!!! The weather is perfect! At night I almost need a jacket!!! I like it! I hate the cold, but I am liking the cool!!! The best temperatures are between 70 and 89, that is what I spend my day in!!!

That is my life in a nut shell! I saw my first baby scorpion, those ones are actually scary! I would hate to be stung by a baby!!! We also saw a tarantula crossing the road! It was huge! They aren't too scary, just gross. Rattle snakes and baby scorpions are the only scary things to come across. Oh and javelins. They are aggressive! Dogs are also scary! I am in the area where one of the sisters was attacked by dogs. So anytime we see big dogs we are cautious. Everyone here has pit-bulls or boxers. Two of my least favorites. I'll try not to get eaten! Thankfully Sister Isert has pepper spray!!!

I love you all!!! I hope you have an amazing week! I love you! I miss you!!! I will think about how I want to tell you about my release date, but really you should just tell me how you think it would be cool to tell you...

Read and pray! Go to the temple!

Sister Yates 

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