Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Area!

I am back in the mountains!! It is much cooler up here!!! Its sad. Last might it was in the 80's and I was cold. Dang valley thinned my blood!!! Oh well!! It is beautiful up here!!! I love it! I am white-washing again!!! so that is fun. I love and hate white-washing! \
I don't know how the mail stuff works here yet, so just send any letters to the mission office!!
Colin happy birthday!!! I hope you have a great birthday!
It is weird how much things change in a year! Its also weird the think that this time last year I was still in the MTC... missions are weird! Good weird, but weird! The people you meet and the fun you have is unlike anything else. I love it! I don't ever want it to end!! Of course I miss home, but I love it here!
My last area really became like home because I was there for so long! I was there for over 7 months and the members there became like family! Even though the work was slow, I loved it! I'm excited to go back and visit after my mission!
I am in Payson. I am covering one ward. We live with other sisters, which really isn't my favorite, but oh well at least the place is nice-ish! I drive a Chevy Cruise, which i hate!!! the 2014 Cruise and Jetta are poop!!! The acceleration and braking are so dumb!!!! I hope and pray I don't get in to an accident!!! As I'm sure everyone does, but yeah don't get those cars unless you enjoy life or death thrills. The drive up here is so beautiful! A little scary for a pretty unexperienced driver, but we made it alive! They are just curvy roads on mountains, so they go up and down!!! Not my favorite, but it could be worse! It is very slow pace up here. The speed limit doesn't go above 35 mph up here which is not what I am use to at all!!! The valley is all fast pace!!! Payson looks kind of like home the valley acts kind of like home! Arizona drivers are terrible though!!! Like Utah drivers, if not worse, because they all have nice cars (in the valley at least). I am in a little bit of culture shock!!! Small town is weird again! I was use to it when I was up here before, but I forgot how slow it really is!! I like it though! We heard that they have some awesome hikes in the area! So that is exciting!!!!
My new comp is Sister Isert (like insert but without the n, kind of) she is sweet! I like her!
That is pretty much it for me! Lots of new things happening in life, I am excited to be up here again! I'm excited to go to the temple again soon!
What is new at home? I would love to see more pictures of everyone! Just through email if that is easier. I hear a lot about Riley, which I love, but I have a big family and a few friends... So how is life?

Are you going to the temple? Are you helping your missionaries? Are you doing family history work? If yes, good. If not get started! You all have a family history consultant!!!
I hope you all have a great week! I love you and pray for you all!!! Be safe!
Sister Yates

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