Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 2: MTC continued

Hello everyone!

SO first thank you so much for the pictures! Riley is getting so big! I would love some pictures of the rest of the family! I miss you all! And I would love to hear some fun stories!

I won't be leaving until August 5th at the earliest. So send me dearelders often! I am kinda bummed that I'll be here so much longer, but it will be good. They just dont know what to do with me. I really don't want to go through the same classes again.  They don't want that either, so we will see that happens! Sister E , who had surery, will most likely be leaving on Monday. I will be getting a new companion, which will be weird, but oh well I'm sure she will be great! It's kinda nice being here longer because I got to see more friends from BYU-I like Hannah M aka Amersican Hannah, Abe P, and Jack L!  It's been so fun! I have so much to tell but no time to do it! I knowa lot  of you have written and I will write you all eventually! I promise!

I have been to the doctors so much this past week!!!  I hate it! Of course you have the 15 min wait once you get there, then the 15 min wait in the room after the nurse checks you out, then they don't even answer the questions and reffer you to some one else! It is too frustrating but I am use to it after 19 years of it! I really just wish mom could be here with me... she has always been with me through my many crazy appointments! Mom just has an amazing talent with calming me down! She's the best as many of you know! Oh random thought, but if I did end up having surgery or something I am pretty sure I could have visitors like Brooke and Cody, Claire, or any other family. I know they all have lives but if I did end up having a surgery it might be comforting having a familiar face to greet me.  So maybe if someone could write me and tell me some Utah family cell numbers just in case! Anyway! I have an appointment for next monday where I will hopefully find out what I can do, or rather what the Doctor can do! Because I am so done with constant intense  pain, pain killers, and birth control pills that dont even help!!!

Well, I am still learning a lot and loving being here. Tess is the best and she is so willing to talk, help, and do anything! I know its a bummer she didn't get to go streight to Brazil, but it has been such a blessing having her here with me! Heavenly Father really has blessed me through her. While everyone else I know is leaving I still have her to help me! I am meeting so many great people out here and really enjoying everything.

Oh, dad, I got the package.  I dont know if you knew that or not, but thank you! It was great! And unfortunatly we are not allowed to chew gum on a mission so no more gum in packages :( I'm sad... they say no breathe mints, but send them anyway!!! Also, if you want to send stamps that would be ok. I have 20 but I could always use more. I really dont know what else I could possibly need but I'll let you know as I know.

Sunday night, I got to talk to mom on the phone and it was sooo great!!! I felt a lot better after talking with her and I got to talk to Riley he said, "I love you Bree Bree!!!"  Best thing ever! I miss my little buddy soooo much!!!  Britta, I want you to write me! And tell me how you are doing! How's work! Talk to me!

I love getting dearelders! They are the best!

Sorry this is so scattered, I am so bad at this whole writing thing. Not that ya'll mind but I feel bad.
The food here is good, the people are great, and I am loving life. the teachers are all so funny and awesome. I kinda wish I could just hang out with them all day and teach with them.  I feel like that would help me become use to talking to strangers and learning to love others! Also, the teachers are great examples. Like I learned so much from Sister D. and Brother G. And then there is Brother M and Brother S who are sooo funny! Like you cant take Brother M serious ever, but he has the greatest testimony, and he teaches really well. Brother S is just so goofy! No words describe him. Sisters C and V are my new teachers, and they are so sweet! They are impossible to not listen to!!
I have been like hard-core writting in my journal lately, which I never have done before! It is really nice though. I know I will love looking through this stuff in a few years! Its funny because it is just a random as my letters! But I guess that is just me!

I hope you are all doing well and having a great time in whatever you are doing....
Hannah and Dakota are getting married soon... that is so exciting! congratulations you two! I love  you both!

What other exciting things are happening in life? Let me know by writing! I have dearelder for a few more weeks! Use it while you got it for free!

Well time is at an end. I love you all and will keep you posted on the events of my life. Thank you for sending me Gregory's email, and pictures and all the other things that were sent!

You are all the best and I am so blessed to have you all!

Much love,
Sister Bresia Yates

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