Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Send some Mail/Emails

Here we are. This was a good week! On Sunday, we went to Cibecue, which is always an adventure. The kids just run around and the adults don't talk in the lessons, but church is only two hours long. The rest of Sunday is super busy!!! We don't even get study time.

Yesterday we had a meeting with Elder Teh of the 70. We learned a lot about how we need to realize that our time as missionaries is preparing us for the future! It was awesome! It was cool getting to be so close to a member of the 70. President and Sister Sweeney were also there, which is always fun. I love seeing them. 

Happy Birthday Everett and Clair-bear! I hope your birthdays are great! 

Everett, I am glad you are back!!!! That is a relief!
Even though this was a great week, I don't really know what to say. We have received several referrals, which gives us something to do so that's good. Also no snow yet, thankfully, but maybe in the next two weeks we will see some! Snow on Halloween.... That's weird!

Things are still great with Sister Jones. Did i tell you we got two new sets of sisters and that Sister Jones is sister training leader, so more exchanges and more driving for me... yay...not!!! Oh well, could be worse!

Thank you for the letter Austin!! I did got some shoes, too. I am so grateful for your emails!!! I like hearing how you are all doing! 

This is a super lame email, I'm sorry. Just know that I am live and well, and that I love all of you!

Keep going to church and showing Heavenly Father you love and trust Him, and He will bless you!

Anyone can email me or write me, just remember that.

Have fun with everything you do. Feel free to ask me questions about anything. When you do, I know what to write about.

Go to the temple as often as you can, and if you can't go, work towards being able to go. I only get to go once every other transfer I won't go again until December. If you are going only as often as I'm going there is something wrong, and you aren't using an gift from Heavenly Father correctly. Go when you can, its the best place you can be.

I love all of you and hope all is well. Be grateful for the gospel!


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