Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Sorry I forgot to tell you that pday was Wednesday this week. Anytime we have transfers, pday moves to Wednesday so that the new missionaries can go shopping. Next week pday is on Tuesday though, so don't worry if you don't hear from me Monday. Sorry I forgot to tell you. 


Sorry I missed those. To prevent missed birthdays from happening again can I get one of those Jesus calendars we have in the dining room and can someone fill it out with the family birthdays??? Please! 

Okay so if anyone wants to send me a package I would love one with chocolate covered pomegranate and peanuts in it, and also I would love some Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner... we only have a Walmart to shop at and they don't carry it there. So my hair would love some of that!!! The stuff I'm using sucks and is changing the way my hair looks(the color) and the way it feels.

Claire, thank you so much for the package! I love the tasty treats!!!! 

Mia Maid class, thank you so much for the treats and letters :) I love you all! 

Fun story, on Monday we had to go get an oil changed, the tires changed, and some car maintenance done. Took forever, but no big deal. We drive home, a 30 min drive, and see that we have a light on on the dashboard. It was an orange light that was an exclamation point with an orange squiggle around it... Well me knowing very little about cars and Sister Jones knowing just as little  had no idea what that meant (oh yeah Sister Jones and I are still together and in the same area, she is Sister Training Lead though). We decided that when we get back in the car, if it is still on we will call our vehicle coordinator and ask about it. When we go back out to the car, the light is on, and now there is a "ssssss" sound coming from the back of the truck... I knew that wasn't good. We find out we had a hole in our tire, and that it was losing air fast!!! We called the car guy of our mission and he tells us to change it and go back to the place we went to for our oil change and get the tire fixed. Well I have never really changed a tire, and Nissan makes it ridiculously hard to do any of it, especially getting the jack out!!!! I am happy to say that I did change it and everything worked out fine. It was crazy though. Makes for a good story, and at least I know I can change tires now! I hope it doesn't happen again though!!!! 

Things are going really good though, for the most part. We got two new sets of sisters in our zone so Sister Jones and I aren't  alone with all the boys. That's nice. We will be going on exchanges more often though, which is okay. 

I am so glad Tess got her visa, and Kevin Mason got his call!!! Congratulations!!! Has Sawyer received his visa yet? What about Tyler? Whats new with everyone in life? I feel out of the loop. Is Stone Mountain shut down as part of the government shut down what about Kennesaw Mountain? Tell me things about the world and family, Georgia and ward. 

I'll be sending pictures soon, probably today. 

I'm doing good and not gaining weight! And I'm working out, I feel really good. I'm still not sleeping well, even when I take melatonin. That's a bummer, but not to bad. 

I am really looking forward to my dr's appointment on the 29th, because I've been having pain again. Not too cool, but nothing I can't handle. I just hope everything is ok! 

Please tell the ward I love them and think and pray for them often! Who are the missionaries there? If you ever meet any from AZ let me know!    

I hope you are all doing well. Would love to hear from more people, but I understand that you are all busy with life. I have the best support group ever! I know Heavenly Father Loves me because He gave me all of you! 

Keep reading and praying. Go to the temple often, do your family history and write down the stories from your life. Future generations will treasure them. Everyone up here has so many stories from their families. I want that too!!! Keep a journal. Find family that need work done for them. 

Help the full time missionaries in your area! WE NEED MEMBER HELP!!!  If you are old enough to go out with the missionaries, youth CAN go out with them at 16. They need you even if they aren't  asking!! 

Go to church and keep the commandments.

I love you all so much! Stay strong and rely on Heavenly Father!

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