Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oh Boy!!!

What a week!!! Guess who was sick again? Me, thats right. At least it was just a cold this time, I felt like I was coughing up my lungs though! No fun. To add to the not funness I had this cold and agreed to sing not only in sacrament meeting, but also at transfer meeting! I still did it and it sounded great(as far as I know), but not as good as it could have been. Yes, I recorded the transfer meeting singing and will be sending it home soon! I will also be singing again on Tuesday, March 2. That one should be better!!

Now that President and Sister Sweeney know I sing I might be singing more. I am totally fine with that!

*** New address ***
21150 N. Tatum Blvd.Apt# 2101
Pheonix, AZ 85050

Arizona has the best Sunsets!!! Everynight there is a beautiful sunset!!! It is amazing! Brad would love it!

The Gilbert temple is amazing and so beautiful! The pictures do not do it justice!!! Honestly I would consider getting married there if I didn't care if my family was there. But I want as much of my family there as I can get, so no Arizona temple for me. It is still amazing!!!!

Things are going great out here! The weather is perfect! The people are amazing. The members are so cool.

We are working with some part member and less-active families. And several of them are progressing towards coming back! There is one family where he is a country singer and she is a flight attendant and they are really opening up to us! They are trying to come to church more, but its hard with the work they are in. They are working toward the temple! We will help them every step of the way!

 Time is running out! :( I love you all!

I found out that some of the letters I sent didn't make it to those I wrote to. It was around the time of the first ice storm so maybe that has something to do with it. I am sorry if you didn't receive the letters!! I love you all so much!!!

Be strong in all you do! Study the scriptures, go to church, serve others.
Have a great  week!

Sister Bresia Yates

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