Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The week

Well I love our new apartment! Its so nice. If you ever need to live in apartments in AZ come to these ones!!! That randomness aside...
Happy Birthday Austin!!!! I love you bud! Hope your birthday is awesome!

Happy Birthday Grammy Dolores!!! It's crazy to think I am so close! I hope your birthday is awesome too!
I sent a package home. Nothing too exciting. Well, thats really not true. I don't remember what is even in it, but there are some letters and a memory card! I also have another full one to send home, so have fun. They are mostly videos. I figured you would enjoy hearing me, but beware that I have a stuffy nose so I sound weird!
Did Denise Swales go to Ricks college in the 60s, ish... If so I met someone who she hung out with. His last name is Neils. He was the trumpet player she hung out with... Small world!! Also, I met Tom Mildenhalls Brother at a blood drive I was helping at, but you already know that. It is crazy how much the Mildenhall boys look like their uncle!!!
It has been a slow week. No one was home! I have no idea what was going on, but it was still a really good week.
I am singing again! I love it! Singing really does make me happy! Words of wisdom from Sister Yates, develope your talents! You have them for a reason. Also be mindful of the music you listen to! I'm not saying listen to mo tab all the time, but be careful. Music is very powerful, both for good and bad!!!
If anyone wanted to make me a cd of disney music (not the love songs, or bad guy songs) I would love that. Especially some of the songs from Frozen, like the song "Let It Go". If it doesn't happen thats ok, but i miss disney!!! You know how I am with that wonderful place!!!
I'm living with three other girls. Many people have asked how I like living with other missionaries. Its good and bad. I like that I have other people to talk to, but it is harder to stay focused on studies. and its way messier!!! Girls are gross. I know elders are too, but really girls are gross. 

I forgot to tell you that Sister Andrus, my original mtc companion, is in the apartment with us. We have a lot of fun. Three of the four of us are really fun. One is a party pooper, and no that one is not me!!! We have a good time, but I think I prefer just being me and my comp!
I pretty much love driving. Most of the time. I think driving in the evening is the best, but I just love driving! I'm getting better at it! No, I'm not just saying that!
It sounds like there are some exciting things happening in the real world! I hope you are all doing well and loving life.
My advise for this week would be to study the Plan of Salvation. We are so blessed to know this great plan and we should share it with those who have not yet heard the message. Search and pray for missionary oppritunities. Read and study the scriptures! Pray always!
I love you all and hope all is well! Be safe! Have fun! Love others!!! 
Sister Bresia Yates

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