Monday, March 3, 2014

Week of Firsts

I had lots of firsts this week. The main one being that I ate rattle snake and prickly pear. Rattle snake is good! Prickly pear not so much!!! As soon as I get my two memory cards back I can send home the video of me eating the rattle snake! and stuff. We were at a members house for dinner and the kids asked what the weirdest thing we have eaten was. I answered, "Well on the mission it is moose, but ever is hermit crab." The kids were grossed out and the mom about died. I them told them that I like eating weird stuff just so I can say I have and they were all impressed. Then the mom says she wants to give us some weird food and offers rattle snake. I was so in, my companion not so much. We just happened to be eating with this family the next week so they got it. It was really good!

I also drove in the rain! That wasn't too bad; it thankfully wasn't raining too much when I was out. The problem what that AZ roads are NOT designed with rain in mind, so they flood super bad!!! I'm just glad I paid attention to other people when they would drive me around so I knew what to do! It still wasn't fun. Driving is fun, but driving on flooded roads, especially in a small car, not so fun!!!
I sang at a mission fireside on Sunday. It was the same song that I just sent home, but performed infront of at least 100 more people than the first time! Stephanie Meyer was the speaker, its kind of weird seeing her all the time!!!
Last of all, we had the Gilbert temple dedication! It was great!!! They said that the Phoenix temple should be done this year!!! Two temples while I'm out!!! That would be cool!!! We will see though, I really hope it is that way. Temple dedications are cool!!!
Well, I am out of time! I love you all!!! Be safe and happy! Life is too short to be unhappy! Remember that you are loved. I am so proud of all of my family members who are entering into new exciting times of life!!!
Have a great week!!!
Sister Bresia Yates

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