Monday, March 17, 2014

Who can you refer?

Having medical issues is WAY easier at home! After blood tests, EKG, and chest x-rays, I still don't know why I'm not healthy and have no energy!!! Mom, don't be worried. I'm not dead or anything. We are just trying to figure out whats going on. Thankfully, mission medical should pay for this stuff... I hope!  They are thinking it is thyroid or valley fever, but I guess we are still waiting for blood work! Oh mom, I had 4 vials filled and didn't pass out or feel woozy at all. I am growing up. The tech who took my blood was really good. My veins were rolling a lot, but he was able to do it and I didn't end up with a gross bruise!!! again, don't worry about me.

I ask again, will some one ask Denise Swales if she went to Ricks with a man named Scott Neil? He was a trumpet player...


I hiked Camelback Mountain today. Not my kind of hiking, but other family members would love it! I just don't like hiking on cliffs!!! I know, weird I am fine jumping out of planes but not walking on cliffs... It was still a nice hike though! I love being outside.

I hope you are all doing well and loving life.

I have a favor to ask everyone!!! GIVE THE MISSIONARIES REFERRALS!!! We cannot do the work with out you!!! You know the people. Don't be afraid that they will say no. We aren't told to baptize everyone, we are just asked to invite everyone to hear the truth!!! JUST DO IT!!!  You all know someone who isn't a member, just ask them if they would like to learn more, or if you have the address just send the missionaries over! They would love you for it! Also, just help them. Feed them, have them over for FHE, go out with them. I know for us we don't get in to houses after 7 pm so we love it when members have us over for family scripture study or anything. Just help your missionaries!

Get working on more family history. That is another great way to do missionary work. Like that helps non-members on earth and in heaven!!! Its not hard! If you need help talk to the Family History consultant. They are awesome. Once you find work to do, GET IT DONE!!! Don't wait. You are slowing down the work if you aren't getting the temple work done in good time!!!

Go to the temple, whether you are a recommend holder or not go to the temple. Go walk around the grounds for FHE or date night. Do baptisms, sealings, or endowment sessions!!! You know what you need to do! Just do it! Not only will it help others, it will help you and your family! We have temples so close. Don't waste them. Arizona has what 5 or 6 temples because the Mesa temple was getting so much use! How are our temples doing?

I hope that didn't come off harsh, but really you have the freedom to go whenever(for the most part). What are you doing on your weekends. Make sure you are making good use of your time.

I love you all so much! And love the support you all have! Be safe in all that you do! I love you and God loves you! Read and pray!


Sister Bresia Yates

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