Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Still in Show Low! Send letters since the address is the same ;)

Well, no moving for me. I do have a new companion though. Her name is Sister McCashland. I will let you know more about her as I learn it.

We had our first snow! I took pictures and will send them off when I fill the card! I have a package getting ready to send home for Christmas. I am sending it home. Make sure you send me my package by the 10th. And send everything directly to my living address!!!

I got my shot!!! I'm in a lot of pain still. Some of the glue holding my permanent retainer on came off. It shouldn't be a problem, but I'll let you know. I also haven't been sleeping well. I take two 1 mg melatonin and still don't sleep. 

*** Christmas/birthday list!!! PLEASE SEND ME LOTS OF CLARITIN!!!(allergy medicine) Decongestants would be great!! I can buy them myself, but they are super expensive!!! CDs would be great: EFY, Enya, Jenny's Indian music, anything soothing, like Swimming with Dolphins and the Wedding Collection CD that should be in my CD player at home. 

Really the best gift any of you and all of you can give is to get the temple work done for the family!!! There are a lot of missing ordinances on all sides of my family, Dad's is the most complete, but even Henry and Viola Yates aren't sealed or something!!! GET TO WORK FAMILY!!!  use family search, the church's site, to help! Yes, I can do some, but not all of it. Especially the stuff that has been reserved! Please help our family. Everyone needs to write their own story down. Write down the important events from life. Write your testimony. We need to do our part, by doing work in temples for the dead we become saviors on Mount Zion. Those aren't my words, those are words of the prophets. Look it up in True to the Faith!!! 

Okay, Cibecue story. One day last week we heard a story about how a man was burned alive. They don't know if he did it himself or if he was murdered, but still, and that isn't uncommon. Don't worry, it is safe while I am there! Another weird thing that Natives totally believe in Bigfoot, they believe that there are whole families of Bigfeet. Of course not all of them believe in them, but the ones who drink, smoke and use bath salts believe. Bath salts are some kind of drug that is super poplar in the reservations!!! It just happens to be a hallucinogen, I don't know what it is for sure, but it isn't really bath salts. I guess it looks like them. 

Suicide on the reservations is also really common. What is even sadder is it is youth doing it. They start in 6th grade and it spreads from there to about 18 years old. Don't know why, it just does. 

Saturday we had a Thanksgiving down in Cibecue. We were worried because we had to be careful what we ate because the food isn't safe! Thankfully the members who bring us to Cibecue and the Branch President down there provided most of the food. It was weird though, they have such a different culture!!! 

I'm glad Joanna's surgery went okay. Please keep me posted on her and on Duncan! I pray for them so much!!! 

For Thanksgiving we are eating breakfast at the O.'s, they live super close and Bro O is the high counselor over missionary work. Lunch mostly at the R's, with several other stops through the day, and dinner nowhere because we are going to be so stuffed!!! I'm excited. But we don't get to watch the parade :( Oh well, its not that important, I have the rest of my life to watch them. Two years won't hurt!

For Christmas, I want letters too. I don't know if everyone will get a letter from me but I will try to do at least something for everyone! Please don't hate me if you don't all get something! Oh, Mom, I do want that calender for next year with all the birthdays in it!

Speaking of Birthdays, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY KAYLA GRACE!!!

Time is up. I love you all and hope all is well. Sorry I don't talk at all about investigators, but I don't really have any that can be baptized. We are teaching people, but all of them have some reason why they can't be baptized. Its hard, but we help in other ways. We do what we can to  help others come unto Christ!

Missions are the best! Know that I am happy and loving life! I am healthy, and staying as warm as I can in a skirt. It is beautiful here and the people are amazing!

I love you all very much and hope all is well! Happy Thanksgiving! Take care!

Sister Bresia

P.S. Don't forget my address is the same!!!

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